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Naya Haryana

Tue, 1 December 2020

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NCC for Youth in Haryana

NCC for Youth in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

27th August 2014

Naya Haryana

The National Cadet Corp (NCC) was established in 1948 under the National Cadet Corp Act with the aim to develop leadership, discipline, character, and comradeship, amongst the youth and encourage the spirit of secular harmony with a zeal for adventure and selfless service.

The NCC is also mandated to train, motivate and encourage the youth of Indiato take up a career with the Indian Defence Services. In 1949, the Girl's wing was added to give school and college girls, an equal opportunity to train as a NCC Cadet.

During both major wars of 1962 against the Chinese and in 1971 against Pakistan, NCC Cadets played an important role as the second line of defence and in supporting the Army in logistical support, patrolling, supplies, and civil services like traffic and crowd control. The NCC has been often seen in supporting the government s efforts in disaster management during natural calamities like floods, earthquakes etc.

Today, the NCC has grown into a vast organization headed by the Director General of NCC who holds the rank of Lieutenant General.

Haryana has had a long association with the Indian Army and the NCC. Its brave citizens have joined all arms of the three services, especially the Army, and have made significant contributions in all wars fought by India. The youth from the state have also joined NCC in large numbers, which has also served as platform for joining the defence services.

Given this background, why is NCC not available in all towns of Haryana? In most towns there is very little activity by way of sports facilities or co-curricular activities for the young boys and girls. Since NCC is an organization that promotes several activities in sports, adventure, team building and leadership, that makes it an ideal organization for the youth in Haryana, especially since the state government has failed to provide these options.

Haryana contributes a large number of personnel to the defence forces and its youth would find the NCC the right launching ground to prepare them for a career with the defence. In April 2012, the Governor of Haryana, Shri Jagannath Pahadia speaking at a function to honour NCC cadets, said the schools in Haryana should make NCC mandatory and called upon the Chief Minister, Shri B. S. Hooda to take up the issue with the centre. What the youth of Haryana would like to know is what was the follow-up to that suggestion, and why has the state government not actively raised this with the centre? With all the activities that it offers, NCC would be very popular with the youth, who are always very keen to take up any sporting or adventure activities.

Captain Abhimanyu, who is himself an ex-serviceman, has seen the benefits of what the defence services can offer towards development of a young person in bringing out the best qualities in leadership, team work, initiative, character, discipline and to contribute selflessly to helping others. He is also familiar with the role of NCC in India in developing the spirit of teamwork, adventure, sportsmanship and leadership amongst the youth in India and would like to encourage more youth, both boys and girls, to come forward and join the NCC.

Captain Abhimanyu is of the view that the youth will play a major role in Naya Haryana and he believes that the NCC will provide the best platform for the youth to be trained into the best citizen that Naya Haryana would like to have and it will be this highly trained youth that will execute the vision of a better, healthier and more prosperous Naya Haryana.

Today, the defence services offer a great career with very attractive salaries and facilities that are not found in any other organization in the country. Given the natural talent that the youth of Haryana have for sports and adventure, Captain Abhimanyu would like to encourage more youth to come forward to join the NCC and ultimately join the defence services and build a career there.

Towards the same, he plans to co-ordinate with the Army to open more units of NCC in the state and also organize more events, quiz and games in schools across Haryana, to showcase the benefits of joining NCC to school going children.

Given the fact that the youth in Haryana love sports, NCC could be an excellent platform to nurture sports talent amongst the youth, besides providing them all round character development. There are several initiatives that can be taken in this area and Captain Abhimanyu plans to push this agenda forward in close coordination with the Army.

To further expose the young school children of the lifestyle in NCC and Army, he also plans to organize tours to nearby defence locations, wherein the children can get to meet the soldiers and officers and see the lifestyle that they lead. This will be a strong motivator for the youth to come forward and join the NCC. All initiatives mentioned above will also be extended to all colleges and universities in Haryana.

NCC plays an important part in nation building and it's for the youth of Naya Haryana to come forward and join the NCC as first step to building a strong platform that will prepare him or her to succeed in any field.

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