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Naya Haryana

Thu, 15 April 2021

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Naari Ka samman Karo, Mat Uska Apman Karo

Naari Ka samman Karo, Mat Uska Apman Karo, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

6th June 2014

Naya Haryana

A woman is considered an epitome of love, affection and care. But the harsh truth is that the same women suffers at the hands of many people and through various crimes in our country. Women who deserve to be respected and honoured are not only rebuked and disrespected, but are made victims of several horrendous crimes. Unfortunately, Haryana is no exception.

The most important of these is female infanticide. It is a widely practiced crime in Haryana where a girl child is killed when she is an infant. The reason behind female infanticide is due to the inability of the families to give dowry in the marriage of the girl when she grows up. Dowry is yet another heinous practice which is followed and practiced in the state. Women also suffers from crimes such as domestic violence, dowry deaths and harassment in the family. A vicious circle is thus formed; for instance, due to female infanticide, there is a huge difference in the sex ratio in Haryana. It signifies that there are lesser number of girls available for marriage. This gives birth to another crime in the state, i.e., buying and selling of girls for marriage. Women are bought and sold from several other parts of the country. Sometimes, the women are only bought to get a legal heir for the family and are later forced to leave the house.

The modesty of the women is also abused in the state, which is evident from the rise in molestation, abduction and rape cases. There is an utter need to put a control on the increasing number of crime against women in the state. This can be prevented if certain steps are followed. Education is the foremost solution to put a control over such crimes. Education can improve and bring a change in the society towards the way the women are portrayed. It is important that women should be given equal opportunities and respect as men in the state. Stricter and immediate laws should be enforced on the accused who commit such crimes. Women are required to be educated about their rights and they should be aware of the measures that the government has framed for them in similar cases.

Each and every women deserves respect and honour in the society. Nari ka Samman should be the motto of each male in the state if they wish to live in a developed and progressive region. After all, only one gender alone can not run a life and the society. Naya Haryana can emerge as an example to the entire nation by bringing a change in the outlook of a women. It is important to have Naye Haryana ki Nayi Soch, which can impress the world with the developments and growth which the entire state is undergoing.


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