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Naya Haryana

Sun, 17 January 2021

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Mushrooming of Fitness Centres in Haryana and the Need to Restrict Them

Mushrooming of Fitness Centres in Haryana and the Need to Restrict Them, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

25th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana’s economic prosperity has other side to it as well. The residents in the state of Haryana, especially those working in the corporate sectors, who are the nouveau rich class in the state and are exposed to maximum stress levels due to work pressure, cannot attend to the basic necessities of life, more specifically, like maintaining a healthy and fit life. This is often because they cannot indulge in rigorous everyday exercises like yoga and morning walks, which are necessary to maintain a healthy living. To solve this crisis of stagnant living, an increasing number of fitness centres have been mushrooming in urban Haryana, like never before. The question to ask here is, why have their rising numbers gone unchecked in the state?

These centres are mostly opened in places where the population is rich, and can afford to pay exuberant prices for undergoing some minutes of machine-induced workout regimes on the body. However, it's not always that these places are used for workout purposes, but also act as adda for people. Most of these centres are also found as a part of the well-developed amenities in high-rise residential complexes across the state, more specifically in Gurgaon, while others come up as independent enterprises in the urban locales of Haryana. 

It must be remembered that these places act more as impediments, rather than actually providing a healthy living. Although they claim to substitute the physical needs of the body like morning walks every day, they cannot take the place of these simple everyday exercises, which have more permanent effects on the body. 

It is the imperative duty of the Haryana government to check the escalating rise of such establishments in the state, which act as profit-making businesses. These places realise maximisation of profit because of their full-fledged advertisements, which draws more people to such plastic ways of keeping fit.

The government must also inculcate the sense of healthy living among its population across the society, such as maintaining healthy food habits, undergoing less pressurised living standards, practising yoga, etc. for some minutes of the day. This way, the population will not become mere puppets in the hands of these commercial establishments.

On a final note, it must be said that a healthy population in Haryana alone can ensure the strength of its human capital. The state must maintain its human capital, by making them aware of the need for a healthy living, so that they can restrict the use of these establishments, which are growing to such unwarranted levels. A Naya Haryana will be healthier and more independent of fitness centres.


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