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Naya Haryana

Sat, 24 October 2020

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Morni Hills: Why tourism is getting killed here?

Morni Hills: Why tourism is getting killed here?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

21st June 2014

Naya Haryana

Morni Hills, located in the Panchkula district, is the only hill station in Haryana. The hills are green and picturesque, featuring lush vegetation. This hill station can be used for adventure sports, rock-climbing, trekking, etc. The place has resorts, rest house and hotels for accommodation for the tourists. Even though the place is one of its kind, in recent times it has been losing its charm among the tourists. Let us see why it is so.

Morni hills has become the most vulnerable tourist place in Haryana as tourism is getting deteriorated here. There has been a rise in crime rate in this area. There are dense forests in the beginning of the area of this hill station and people fear to take a chance to visit this place. The worst part is that this crime-prone area has nearly no police patrolling. As per sources, there are many unemployed youth in the region who do not have any source of income and therefore get involved in crime to gain easy money.

There is another important reason which has affected the tourism in this region and it is the inadequate communication network. Poor telecom signal indirectly benefits the criminals as the tourists or the victims can't not call for help during emergency. The criminals are aware of this fact and therefore they have a free run here to commit crime and easily escape from the scene. This is not all; in fact, the hill station has become a dumping ground for criminals. In the past few months, many dead bodies were found in the hills, which indicates the height of criminal rate in the region. These reasons are enough to hold the tourists from visiting this place as it is about safety of their family and friends.

The tourists deliberately avoid visiting this place, which also affects the business of the hotels and resorts established there. According to the hoteliers, sometimes it is hard to even make the ends meet. Now the question is, will it be right be let this tourist destination go to waste? The only hill station in Haryana could have contributed to the economy of the state through income generated from tourism. The present situation is evident of the lack of government's initiatives in terms of law and order, development, and preservation of tourism in the state. Safety and security of tourists as well as inhabitants of the region should be the priority of the police and the government. There is an urgent need to control the rising crime in the region. Secondly, unavailability of communication network proves that means of communication are scarce in this place. The government must take initiatives towards curbing this issue and should make joint efforts with government or private telecom companies to set up and their improve communication networks in the area.

Haryana already lacks a vibrant tourism industry. But what is required is to locate and discover the places which can contribute to this industry. Morni Hills is one such place which can help improve business and overall tourism growth in the state. Moreover, it is the responsibility of each citizen of the state and the government to value and preserve this natural heritage. Naya Haryana is not only about limited or lopsided development, it is a vision for an overall development of the state which will even include smallest of places as well.

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