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Naya Haryana

Wed, 2 December 2020

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Needed : More Open Universities for More Literate People in Haryana

Needed : More Open Universities for More Literate People in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

14th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Open universities are the distance learning and research universities which are funded by several sources such as money from students' fees, higher education funding bodies and contract incomes. There are many open universities in India which offer several courses to the students. Haryana has many private, deemed and central universities, but only a few open universities. There is a need to establish more open universities in the state.

Open universities give a path to the students who want to grow in their careers. It provides a route to the students of Haryana to achieve their goals. Every year many people are forced to quit their studies due to reasons such as lack of financial resources, family or personal issues or inability to study for the higher level. It can also give an opportunity to the students to gain the right qualification, so that they can also stand out in the crowd and land with the best jobs in the market. They also give a chance to the students to work and study simultaneously. In open universities, the students get an opportunity to continue their job or work along with their studies. It gives a platform to the students with an opportunity to gain experience by working and studying for higher education, which, in turn, can help them to grow in their respective careers. Haryana, where majority of the population is living in rural areas and those who face issues regarding their studies, can make the best use of the open universities.

Such universities are a good way for the drop outs or the women who want to continue with their studies and start a career. In Haryana, there may be many women who could not study further due to family responsibilities or lack of awareness among people about women education. If there are more open universities in the state, they can give an opportunity to such women to pursue their studies and achieve something fruitful in their life. Such universities can also help the students who belong to the marginal section of the society. There might be many people in the rural and far flung areas of Haryana who cannot afford regular education or bear expenses for their education. Open universities with lower fees can help the aspiring students, who belong to the weaker section of the society, to study further. Another best advantage of these universities is that they don't require any eligibility criteria or age limits for the students to enroll themselves, which can help more and more people of Haryana to study and educate themselves.

It is required that Haryana should have more such universities, and education should be imparted to students at reasonable fees. The government or the education department should establish many such universities in all the districts, so that more and more people can gain education. There should be a proper channel and network especially in the backward or the rural areas to connect the people from such regions or villages with these universities. If there are more open universities, the literacy rate of the state will surely improve. Haryana can offer better scope for its population to gain literacy and, in turn, also improve its standard by having more educated and literate people. Naya Haryana dreams of a state where education will be imparted to each individual. Better and affordable educational opportunities are the need of the hour for Haryana. It is our vision that every person should fulfill his dream, for only then our dream of Naya Haryana will be accomplished.


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