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Naya Haryana

Fri, 24 May 2019

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More Entertainment Zones is what Haryana Needs

More Entertainment Zones is what Haryana Needs, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

13th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana is heading towards development and the dream that we envision for the state will take it on the path of development in all spheres. It is also envisioned that with the growth and development, the state will not only improve its overall GDP, but the per capita income of the people will also improve. Besides the industrial, educational and infrastructural growth, the state also needs growth in the entertainment areas. There is a need in the state to open up more stress busters and lively zones, where people of Haryana can spend quality time with their friends and families.

Haryana has 21 districts, out of which only a few have been blessed with the better means of entertainment. Gurgaon and Faridabad are the cities which have the maximum number of fun and entertainment zones. Multiplexes, spas, resorts, amusement parks and malls, etc. are present in these cities. But, what about the lack of entertainment zones in other cities and regions in the state? They are also in need of better entertainment facilities. Affordability cannot be an issue for the residents of small towns in Haryana, as even they have the adequate financial resources to spend on their recreational activities.

There is a huge demand for multiplexes in the state. It is essential that places like Sirsa, Jhajjar and Jind, etc. which have witnessed little development so far, should be benefited with the facilities of fun and entertainment zones. Indians are very fond of cinema and it is a known fact that how much we Indians love watching movies. Moreover, the multiplex or the cinema industry generates a good amount of revenue, which also contributes to the economy. 

Haryana has pubs and bars which are established in most of the cities in the state, but there is a need to establish more stress buster zones for people to go out and enjoy. There is also an option to open up more drive-in theaters. This kind of theaters are open theaters which have a large outdoor movie screen, projection booth along with a large parking area. People can view and enjoy movies from the comfort and privacy of their cars. Drive-in theaters are generally popular in the US, and India has a very few such theaters. Though, these can be best possible option which can be utilised by the people of Haryana. These theaters are cost effective and economical source of entertainment, which can be easily set up in the state. 

Higher revenue, and business and employment opportunities can also be generated by starting more multiplexes in the state. It is a need of the hour especially for the youth of Haryana, who demand and require more such facilities in the state. Haryana has many educational institutions and corporate sectors where the youth work and study hard for longer hours. After the stressful time, they demand and expect relaxing atmosphere and the availability of more entertainment zones can work as stress busters for them. Naya Haryana aims to provide development of all sorts for the people of the state.


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