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Naya Haryana

Mon, 19 April 2021

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Misuse of Funds for Backward Classes in Haryana

Misuse of Funds for Backward Classes in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

21st July 2014

Naya Haryana

Scams continue to be reported in Haryana. In yet another scam, a case of gross misuse of state funds has been confirmed by the Comptroller Auditor General (CAG), who tabled a report in the Haryana Assembly pertaining to misuse of funds to the tune of Rs. 5.22 crore that was meant for training 10,000 Dalits and members of various backward classes to help prepare them for various competitive exams between 2010-2013. The funds were distributed to 14 select coaching centres that have now been identified to be a part of this scam.

The 2,775 students interviewed under the CAG audit revealed some startling facts. Many of them turned out to be students of Arts who were shown to have attended the coaching classes for the medical and engineering entrance exams! There were many students who confirmed that they had not even applied for attending the classes while some who applied never attended any classes.

The CAG survey revealed that 35% of the students who were shown to be trained for the civil services exam never attended the classes. The coaching centres had claimed to have trained 1,145 students to prepare them for the Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test but the audit showed that over 90% had not attended any classes.

The money was released by the state government but the benefits did not reach the intended beneficiaries. This scam would have continued if the report had not been tabled. The question is, how long the tax payers money will continue to be squandered by vested interests? Funds that were rightfully allocated would have helped students from various backward classes to ultimately get jobs, was grossly misused and mismanaged and the process of siphoning of funds continued. This CAG report merely confirms the existence of scams in various arms of the government and it is time that the state government is made to answer and strict action taken against all involved.

Earlier in June this year, another similar scam had come to light. This time it pertained to reservation for the Jats and other castes that was based on a survey that was entrusted to the Haryana Backward Classes Commission. The task of carrying out the survey was further entrusted to MDU Rohtak. Instead of using its regular staffers, the VC handed the responsibility to one Khajan Singh Sangwan, a retired professor from the same university, who was appointed as Project Director for conducting this crucial survey that was to form the basis of reservation.

According to a complaint filed against Sangwan, he has been accused of fabricating the data to falsely favour certain sections, apparently for monetary gain. In a surprising move, the same person has now been appointed as the Chairman of the State Teachers Recruitment Board, for a period of three years, further arousing suspicion of misuse of position and funds under the survey conducted under his watch.

The Chief Minister, Bhoopinder Singh Hooda, has now been forced to order an enquiry against Sangwan and the basis of his survey.

The series of scams under the present government is a sad commentary of the situation prevailing in the state. At a time when Haryana must play a significant role in emerging India, the state government is getting bogged down with scam after scam and the people are running out of patience.


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