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Naya Haryana

Thu, 3 December 2020

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Livestock Farming - Back To The Basics

Livestock Farming - Back To The Basics, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

3rd August 2014

Naya Haryana

Livestock farming is the heart and soul of life in Haryana. Traditionally, agriculture and animal husbandry has been the main source of livelihood in the state. According to a 2012 state report, the livestock sector contributes almost 30 percent to the State Agricultural GDP. Since the inception of the state in 1966, the production of egg has increased about 160 times and milk production has increased over 5 times. Milk, meat, and poultry make up an essential part of the state's indigenous cuisine. Capt. Abhimanyu's vision for the state involves growing the trade potential of these and turning them into Haryana's largest exports. The importance of livestock and poultry farming to the economy of the state cannot be undermined.

There are almost 4900 different species of animals in the state including buffaloes, cattle, donkeys, goat, horses, pig, and sheep. Livestock and poultry farming have, however, not been accorded their dues either in terms of research and development, or in terms of livestock health and treatment. Livestock farming and animal husbandry has not received official recognition as a cottage industry a long overdue credit. The support received by livestock, animal, and poultry farmers by the government is both inadequate and insufficient.

Haryana is home to some of the best breeds of livestock and animals - Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle, Murrah buffaloes, Sahiwal, Hariana, and Tharparkar cows, Beetal goats, breeds of sheep including Dale, Hisar, Chokla, and Nali sheep, Yorkshire pigs, and Potou donkeys. The conservation and cultivation of livestock, poultry, and dairy cattle in Haryana requires support in a number of aspects research into the genetics and health of livestock species and varieties, infrastructure in farming and livestock management, technical knowhow required for meat, poultry, dairy processing, storage, marketing, transport, and sales support. It is such all-encompassing support that should be provided to the livestock sector of Naya Haryana, says Capt. Abhimanyu.

One of the most important aspects of livestock farming and management is health maintenance and veterinary sciences. Diseases that affect these animals often infect consumers who injest the meat, milk, or eggs produced by them.The prevention and treatment of communicable diseases among animals that provide meet, egg, and milk is of prime importance to safeguard the health of the consumers. Capt. Abhimanyu's vision for a new and prosperous Haryana entails empowerment of the cattle and livestock farmers by creating awareness about diseases, providing for veterinary hospitals, ambulance, and medical services.

The vast potential of employment generation and earnings in the state stemming from efficient livestock management, processing the produce and effective marketing of the products across the nation is lost due to the inadequacy of administrative support available to the farmers. Capt. Abhimanyu desires to see the state as among the top meat, poultry, and dairy exporters in India and in the subcontinent. This offers Naya Haryana the perfect opportunity to convert a traditional household business into a great avenue to boost the state's exports. This dream can only be realized by intensive work at the grassroots level; with each household, each village being the center of focus.


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