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Naya Haryana

Sat, 5 December 2020

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Let us bring a change in Rewari in Naya Haryana

Let us bring a change in Rewari in Naya Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

21st June 2014

Naya Haryana

Located in the South of Haryana, Rewari is the second least populous district of the state. It was earlier a part of Gurgaon, then was transferred to Mahendragarh, but was formed a separate district in 1989. Rewari is not so popular region of Haryana and is in the hope of development. There are many major issues that persist in the district and where development is most needed.

The major concern is about the industries in this district. There are many cottage and small scale industries in the region with the major production of brass metalwork and ornamental shoes. Making of slate stones, tilla jutti handicraft and dari & khes weaving are other products in which many workers and even women are involved. In spite of these small scale industries, the district lacks the requisite development. There is a need for large scale industries which will not only utilise the skills of the labour force but will also generate more jobs. Better opportunities and larger manufacturing units can also result in better financial and economic growth of the people and the district.

A large portion of population is involved in agriculture production. Wheat, gram, bajra, rabi, pulses etc. are the major crops sown in the region. Agriculture depends upon rainfall distribution in the district, which gets affected at times. Better irrigation and more tube wells can resolve the issues related to agriculture. Adequate use of pesticides and use of modern and advanced techniques can also improve production in the land.

Rewari has very few degree colleges and training institutes. There are no education institutions for higher or professional studies in the district. The absence of such institutes is the biggest disadvantage for the young and aspiring generation here. The students have to migrate to other cities or states for further education. There is an urgent need for such colleges in the district. When there are no colleges for higher studies, presence of corporate is next to impossible. The government should invite and encourage the establishment of more quality education institutions. Public-private partnerships (PPP) should be encouraged to set up small business or corporate units which can also generate jobs for the educated class of the district.

Another biggest issue in Rewari is the sex ratio, which is 674 females per 1000 males. It is shocking to know that Rewari has the lowest sex ratio in the country. According to the sources, in the first three months of the year 2014, birth of 348 female children and 448 male children has been recorded. Ironically, the villages where the lowest gender ratio has been recorded are the ones where the awareness programmes have been persistently running by the health departments. Effective measures and solid efforts are required to be made to deal with the situation. Rewari is a district which as a part of Naya Haryana will prosper and develop soon if these issues are tackled at the earliest.


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