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Naya Haryana

Sat, 6 March 2021

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Lesser Known Engineering Colleges of Haryana

Lesser Known Engineering Colleges of Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

27th August 2014

Naya Haryana

The demand for technical education is increasing with India poised for further growth. To meet this demand, more engineering colleges are being set up across the country. A state like erstwhile Andhra Pradesh (Telangana & Seemandhra combined) has close to 800 Engineering colleges offering the B.Tech program.

How is Haryana placed in terms of number of engineering colleges and what is the standard of education and students passing out of these colleges? How does the industry perceive them? This needs to be carefully looked into as this has a direct bearing on the opportunity and career of the youth in Haryana.

So why is it that only one engineering institute, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, makes it to the Top 25 List of engineering colleges, 2014? How many colleges from Haryana would make to the Top 100 list? The question is not just the ranking but how many colleges that offer a fairly high standard of education are known outside Haryana.

There is a general lack of awareness of the facilities for higher studies that we have in Haryana, as also the fact that Haryana is not part of their list of possible destinations. If students from places such as Bihar can go to places as far as Dharwad, Mysore and Bangalore, then there is no reason why they cannot explore Haryana as an option. There is a fair chance that they would not have heard of NIT, Kurukshetra either, despite being on the Top 25 list.

The blame for this situation lies squarely with the state government that has failed to highlight our better engineering colleges in other parts of India and has not taken any initiatives like organizing roadshows, student community meetings, participation in College admission fairs, advertisements in leading publications in various states, or in using the social media to build awareness and conduct a reputation management campaign. Can the present government state what it has done on any of the above? If not, then why not? Why have our colleges not been promoted outside?

There are so many engineering colleges other than NIT- Kurukshetra, such as YMCA University of Science and Technology - Faridabad, College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology - CCS HAU Hisar, University Institute of Engineering and Technology - Kurukshetra University, University Institute of Engineering Technology - MDU Rohtak, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology - Murthal, National Dairy Research Institute - Karnal, that no one outside the state of Haryana has even heard of and yet the standard and quality of education offered is far superior than a lot of other colleges that the students of other places go to.

What is needed is to promote these colleges outside the state through both online and offline methods, as discussed above. The current administration has shown little inclination in this regard and this is indeed regrettable.

Even within the state, there is little or no activity to inform and educate young students who are confused about which college to attend and most would not be familiar with many colleges of Haryana. After all there are quite a few good colleges other than those mentioned above like, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology - Hisar, Maharishi Markandeshwar University- Ambala, The Technological Institute of Textile and Sciences -Bhiwani, Ch. Devi Lal Memorial Government Engineering College - Sirsa, Hindu College of Engineering - Sonepat.

There is very little promotional activity from the state government to connect with potential students to inform and educate them on the benefits of different courses, the infrastructure, quality of faculty and the career potential after finishing the course.

The state government has simply put up the list of colleges on the website and hope and expect that students will visit the site and get all the information. This is certainly not the case. The students need professional counselling when they are in the process of deciding what stream of course to study and this decision depends upon the career prospects of that course thereafter.

With similar courses offered in many colleges, very often the student needs counselling to inform him of all the pros and cons of joining a particular college to study a specific course. This is a particularly sensitive time in a student's career when he or she is looking for advice and guidance on what path to take. If a student visits the website of Department of Higher Education, Haryana, at no place is there a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section that lists potential questions asked by students along with the appropriate answers.

At no place on the website is a list of colleges prepared as a comparative chart, where a students can access information by course, location, ranking, affiliation or fee. If you search for colleges in a city, you will get the list of colleges in that city but there is no information on comparative ranking, which a potential student needs before making up his mind on what course to study. Unfortunately, we see no steps taken by the present administration in this regard to create a central depository of information, keeping the student's need for information, in mind.

The moment a student gets his results of his final exams, of his last year at school, the student must have access to centres for student counselling that must be set up all over the state. This will be of great help to students in getting good, unbiased advice and can then decide what course to study based on his or her marks, aptitude and interest.

In Naya Haryana, this would form part of our student outreach program as we believe this is a crucial service that students need at one of the most important moments of a student's life, when he is standing at crossroads of his or her higher education.

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