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Naya Haryana

Mon, 8 March 2021

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Vision to Restore Dried Up Lakes in Haryana

Vision to Restore Dried Up Lakes in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

7th July 2014

Naya Haryana

There are abundant water bodies in Haryana. They are popular for placid water and are known for being the picnic spots for the tourists. Badhkal Lake, Damdama Lake, Surajkund Lake, Brahma Sarovar and Karna Lake are the few of the famous lakes in the state. Unfortunately, they are getting vanished day by day as they have dried up.

Now the question is, what is the reason behind this drying? What can be done to save and protect these natural resources? One of the major reasons could be the involvement of the land and soil mafia which has hampered these water bodies. The private property builders illegally dug the lands near the lakes. These areas are dug lower than the depth of the lakes, which results in seepage in the ground water and evaporation of their water. Encroachment and concrete constructions by real estate developers have led to such a terrible situation in the state. The state government, in order to generate revenue and gain profits, has sold the lands near these water bodies. It did not consider the harmful effects of these constructions. These illegal structures are required to be controlled, so as to save these natural resources from getting dried.

The Badkhal Lake in Faridabad has been facing the similar issues. It has nearly dried up due to illegal mining activities in the catchment area. It is located near the Aravallis, and the practice of stone crushing in the hills has resulted in the drying of this water body. Though the Supreme Court of India has put a ban on mining in the Aravallis, it is required that the concerned authorities should keep a check on the orders of the court. There is a possibility that such illegal practices are still being carried out in the hills, and it is essential to control them. Sewage and wastes also cause dryness of these water bodies. These lakes were made the dumping zones for garbage and sewage, which not only contaminated the water but have also dried out the water bodies. If the government would have taken necessary actions, this situation might have been controlled.

Is it possible to restore these dry lakes? If the government make some efforts and take some initiatives, it would be able to maintain adequate water level in them. Artificial lakes can be created which will have inflow of water from natural rivers and streams. Else, pipelines could be made and pumped from other natural water bodies which can carry water to the dried lakes. The water resources which have turned into barren lands should be kept clean and clear, so that rain water can be accumulated in them. Also, significant methods should be adopted to restore the water in them during the rainy season. Creating a green belt can also help in recharging the ground water level. Although it's a difficult and challenging task to restore these lakes in Haryana, making righteous efforts can protect these water bodies.

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