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Naya Haryana

Fri, 30 October 2020

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Kurukshetra – The malaise it faces

Kurukshetra – The malaise it faces, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

24th June 2014

Naya Haryana

It was Kurukshetra where the first major war of pre-historic India, one that is described in the form of the epic named Mahabharata, was fought. The said war caused unprecedented bloodshed and since then the region has earned its own fame in India as a historically and religiously significant location. The trend continues nowadays and the district is also getting some repute, but one feels that it is something that they could jolly well do without because it is for the wrong reasons.

Crime has been a major problem in Kurukshetra. Very recently, a professor who was working with the locally based unit of the National Institute of Technology was struck with a knife on multiple occasions and last heard, he was battling with death. As is perhaps the case in most of these situations the criminal has not been identified and one wonders if it will be accomplished before the victim's condition changes  either for the better or the worse.

Yet again, it is the responsibility of the local police to deal with these matters and one can only hope that they will be able to successfully solve the case before it is too late. The question is what role can they play in stopping such crimes perhaps they need to be more proactive in the way they run things in the district. Such acts of crime can only happen if the criminals are sure that they may not be apprehended and such unwanted confidence normally comes when one knows that the authority is not competent enough. It is sometimes necessary that people are in awe of how the keepers of peace function that nips a lot of poison ivies in the bud.

Like most other districts in Haryana, Kurukshetra too is not free from the malaise of generally derogatory treatment of women. Such acts normally stem from a misconstrued perception that women are a slave race and they need to be dominated at any cost to prove the supposed superiority of the men. One needs to understand the role played by women in the lives of a person as a mother, sister, wife and most importantly, a friend.

The authorities can organise several awareness campaigns and enact laws to empower women, but as long as such mentalities continue to exist, nothing will come to pass.

Yet another problem, though of a different kind, of Kurukshetra is its lack of air connectivity. The nearest airports to this district are that of Chandigarh and Delhi. If an airport, even a small one, can be built here it will complement the decent rail and road connectivity in place in the district.

During 2012, the sale, usage and possession of meat and related products were barred from the municipal limits of the district. The reason given in this case was a religious one. The main communities living here are Rajputs, Rors, Jaats, Khatris and Sainis but the presence of other communities, that consume meat and for whom it is an important part of their diet, cannot be entirely ruled out.

India is a secular country and here each and every person has the right to follow one's customs and beliefs. However, such strictures normally come across as a form of defiance against such noble ideals. It is important that proper care is taken to address this area and efforts are made to make this place accessible to all communities and not just a few.

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