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Naya Haryana

Wed, 22 May 2019

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Kurukshetra: Is it Getting its Due in Terms of Tourism?

Kurukshetra: Is it Getting its Due in Terms of Tourism?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

16th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Graha Nakshatra Taaranam Kaalen Patnaam, Kurukshetre Mritanaam ch Patan Naiv Vidhyate  the Sanskrit shloka means that  the planets, constellations, and stars are subject to the danger of falling down from the sky, but those who die in Kurukshetra have no fall on earth, that is, they would not be born again . Why Kurukshetra is considered so important? It is a place with historical and religious importance and has its association with the Vedic culture and Vedas. In Bhagwad Gita, Kurukshetra is referred to as 'Dharamkshetra', which means 'Region of Righteousness'.

Kurukshetra is a district in the state of Haryana and is full of holy places and temples, which are related to the religious events and rituals of the 'War of Mahabharata', fought between the 'Kouravas' and the 'Pandavas'. Even though, it has a plenty of historical references, Kurukshetra has not been able to gain its due in the 21st century. This historical place is losing its charm and is not gaining importance, especially in terms of tourism. Places to visit in kurukshetra haryana: Jyotisar, Brahma Sarovar and Sannhit Sarovar, etc., still lacks in attracting tourism.

It is surprising to note that the place which is known for its history has been neglected this way. It has not only the religious places, but also the archaeological sites, entertainment zones and museums as well, which are also the places of tourist attraction. The tourism department or the state government of Haryana, is required to make some efforts to increase tourism in Kurukshetra. The concerned authorities should also consider this fact that a place with so much historical importance has the capability to attract tourism, which can in turn bring an improvement in the economic condition of the state as well.

There are other factors which create hindrances in the development of tourism in Kurukshetra. Globalisation is one main reason which challenges the growth of tourism. Globalisation can affect the thinking, attitude and perspective of the locals for the conservation of the heritage of the place. Lack of government initiative, poor infrastructure and lack of safety measures for tourists and availability of quality services to them, also cause hindrances to the growth. Several measures are required to be taken which can improve the financial and socio-cultural condition of Kurukshetra. Government should work towards improving the infrastructure and start using suitable promotional techniques. It is also essential that special provisions should be made towards the safety of tourists and the conservation of natural and cultural heritage in Kurukshetra. If the use of eco friendly products is encouraged, it will help in keeping the place clean and attracting the tourists in return.

It is essential that the heritage of this historical place should be preserved, maintained and promoted in the world. Kurukshetra has the potential to attract tourism and even generate revenue for the city and the state. Haryana should be known as a state where no district or city is neglected and be valued for its culture, heritage and historical significance. Battle of Kuruskshetra was fought at the time of Mahabharata, and now we have to fight a battle to save, protect and prosper this historical city in our Naya Haryana.


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