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Naya Haryana

Wed, 22 May 2019

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Karnal – Still mired in traditional challenges

Karnal – Still mired in traditional challenges, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

19th June 2014

Naya Haryana

There are several districts in Haryana, which feature regularly in the news for acts of violence against women and Karnal is one of them. One of the critical problems that the district faces is the kidnapping of young girls  even minors are not spared   the consequent violation of their honour and dignity and then they are left abandoned on streets. It is not that laws are not in place in this part of the north Indian state but the increasing frequency of such dastardly acts leads one to question if they are being implemented properly.

One of the common features of such incidents is that the criminals, the perpetrators are never identified to start with, which basically gives such creatures the license to go away scot free on occasions. The question is when will the authorities learn? While it is perhaps impossible to stop each and every such incident from happening it is also not beyond law to punish these people in an exemplary way that can act as a deterrent to others with similar ideas.

Similarly, like rape, Karnal also faces a rather serious problem in the shape of honour killing, which is prevalent in various parts of the country. Haryana is a state with an almost unflinching adherence to its old world ideals and values that demand that the time honoured societal and religious code be maintained at any cost possible even if that entails the loss of lives of near and dear ones. While it is appreciable to put honour over anything else, it is also important to value others  lives and appreciate their right to choose the way that they want to live. This is the basis of any civilized society and Karnal or Haryana for that matter cannot be an exception to this universal truth.

However, once again for this truth to be brought to reality it is important that the authority sheds its cloaks of collusion and power-monger attitude and takes firm and decisive steps against the culprits.

Karnal has also faced other problems with its law and order situation with extortion being a major form of crime being perpetrated in the district. Recently, the district's bar association suspended 3 lawyers who were found to have been involved in an extortion racket. Such a situation is shameful considering lawyers are ones who are supposed to uphold law and here they are ones who either violating the law themselves or aiding ones who have been doing so.

Once again in terms of ratio of women to men, the latter hold the numbers advantage in Karnal. The district administration needs to address this issue on an urgent basis. The district, like many other in Haryana, is plagued by the imbalance between a really well developed agricultural and pastoral sector and an industrial sector that is almost nondescript.

In order to make sure that more people are able to get jobs and the district benefits from the associated advantages of having a well developed industrial sector - more jobs, greater incentive for education and better facilities all around   it is important that this area is properly looked at as well.

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