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Naya Haryana

Sun, 24 January 2021

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Kaithal – the problems and their solutions

Kaithal – the problems and their solutions, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

24th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Like some other parts of Haryana, connectivity is an issue in Kaithal as well, and one feels that more than anything else, road connectivity to this district needs to be improved upon. With proper road connectivity, the district would be well served in many ways, which would make a vital contribution to the state's development in the end.

However, more than infrastructure, crime has been a bigger issue in Kaithal. Very recently, a lady whose husband was a daily wage labourer passed away following an acid attack. The police have been questioning the role played by the deceased's husband in the whole affair. Violence against women is a rather depressing malaise that is common across the state, and Kaithal is no exception.

The aspect of these incidents that worries one even more is that they are happening again and again and there seems to be no way that they can be stopped. Sometimes the reason is religious and sometimes it is a contravention of the basic values that human beings stand for. The laws are there in place but we must also question the intent of the people who are executing these laws in the end   are they really willing to punish the criminals.

One of the common excuses often given in these cases is the lack of education and lack of maturity but then the absence of these qualities should not give anyone the freedom to go around and violate the honour of innocent women or take their lives. The district has also seen the murder of a taxi driver a few days back and the subsequent theft of his car.

While police has been able to resolve the case the question remains as to why effective steps cannot be taken to deter people from even thinking about such acts of crime. It is important that honest and hard working people are given the security that they need, so that they can do their job well and play a part in improving the state's fortunes in the long run.

In addition to all these incidents, transport   especially rail   is a major concern for the authorities at Kaithal. The district's connectivity to important locations within the state needs to be improved, so that the roadways experience less pressure and more people are able to move to and fro across the state for various purposes like jobs and business.

It is also important to amend the district's connectivity with Delhi since the latter is an economic powerhouse in the region and the national capital. The scope of improvement is mind boggling over here and no one would want to miss out on all the opportunities.

The district also has a sex ratio that is tilted in the favour of the male population. As per 2011 census, sex ratio in Kaithal stood at 881 per 1000 male. In order to address the critical issue of gender imbalance, it is essential that this be corrected at the earliest. In the domain of human resource development too it can be said that men enjoy a distinct advantage over women, thanks to their superior numbers.

Now, if Haryana wants to progress seriously, it is important that 100% literacy is achieved, and it is important to start the change from places like Kaithal itself that have long suffered in the ignominy of neglect.

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