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Naya Haryana

Tue, 1 December 2020

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Jind – Alarming crime rate

Jind – Alarming crime rate, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

19th June 2014

Naya Haryana

One of the major problems in Jind has been the lack of safety of local women and the failure of the local police to do anything over the same. In fact things have reached such a state that an all-women panchayat in the district has been campaigning with the permission to commit female foeticide. They have a rather simple argument that if women are to be born and continually violated and the state is unable to do zilch about it, it is better that they are nipped in the bud itself. Popular anger has reached an extent where it is being believed that the government is either incapable or unwilling to offer the necessary protection to women in the rural areas and they have taken to blocking roads and other forms of protest. All this truly reflects a sad state of affairs and shows that perhaps whatever the administration has done has still left a lot to be desired.

The local ladies have also complained that even registering a complaint can sometimes become a major issue at times. This is where the administration has been lagging behind. It needs to be made sure that policemen and other applicable authority figures are doing their duty properly and not misusing the same by just plainly rejecting any complaint being brought to them because of what they perceive as lack of logic or solid reasoning.

In the last few years, incidents of rape are being reported from Haryana at such an alarming rate that anyone uninitiated might think it is an integral part of their culture. Even 5-year-old girls are not being spared, let alone teenagers. Often married ladies have alleged that they are being gang-raped by their relatives. Such incidents need to be treated in the strongest possible way and the harshest punishment meted out so that others are deterred from committing similarly heinous acts.

Security of common people is also a major issue in Jind. A few days back, a gang of robbers who were active in the said district apart from Rohtak, Gohana, Gurgaon, Fatehabad, Sirsa and Ratia, were apprehended with purses and jewelry taken away forcibly from women. It is important that the administration deals with such miscreants in a strict fashion but at the same time it is equally necessary to look into the reasons as to why people are being forced to take up crime as a way of life. It is more important to weed out crime from its root rather than just punishing people and not doing a thing about the reasons that are forcing these people to resort to such means  at least in these cases.

Shortage of water is a major issue in most places in Haryana and Jind is no different. During May 2014 there were 30 villages in the districts, which faced acute shortage of water as there was nothing in the taps for almost 3 weeks. The government has been unable to meet the demand and take some constructive steps so that this problem can be addressed adequately for a long term period. It has failed to create awareness amongst the local people also need to be taught the worth of preservation measures such as rainwater harvesting and optimum usage of existing water resources so that such situations can be restricted to the minimum.

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