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Naya Haryana

Mon, 20 May 2019

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Issues Around Migration in Haryana

Issues Around Migration in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

3rd July 2014

Naya Haryana

Migration is thought to be one of the defining worldwide issues today as large number of people are constantly on a move. As far as internal migration in India is concerned, migrant population from 2007-2008 was estimated to be over 300 million, which was almost 30 percent of the whole population. Also, during 2007-2008, the migration rate in Haryana in urban regions was 279 per 1,000 males and 576 per 1,000 females.

It has been observed that major flow of migrants is from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh to Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, and other northern and central Indian states. Apparently, migration seems a simple occurrence, but it invites hoards of issues. It is quite obvious that if people will float in from several states and even from other countries, perils are bound to increase as seen in the year 2011, when the influx of illicit Bangladeshi migrants in Haryana became an alarming concern. Justice Gogoi mentioned in a statement, In Haryana, there is a large presence of Bangladeshis and this problem is of recent origin, happening in the last two years".

Therefore, Haryana needs to take several measures to cope with the problem and keep a check on the flow of both immigrants and migrants from other states. This will also facilitate in reducing the migrants' problems as well:

  • Authentification of Identity: Proving one's identity is one of the core concerns that destitute migrants come across. Identity verification has to be done by the state as a pre-requisite so as to ensure that the individual has a sound citizenship status. And, in the absence of which, migrants can be debarred from accessing public benefits, legal rights and programmes of social protection. However, till date, the current state government has not even issued a clear cut process for availing the birth certificate and Aadhar, which can spare the migrant from such troubles.
  • Restricted gain from Formal Financial Services: This is an often faced situation as migrants fail to fulfill the Know Your Customer (KYC) norms laid down by the Indian banking regulations, in case there are not sufficient proofs of residence and identity. This prevents them from opening bank accounts. Laxity on the part of the present state government still continues. Migrants are left without any option but to face issues such as loss of cash, valuables, etc.
  • Exclusion from Politics: In a state of constant flux, migrant labourers are dispossessed from occasions of exercising their political duties and rights. Hence, some simply become ineligible to cast their votes. A study of 2011 shows that nearly 20 percent seasonal migrants did not have identity proofs with them. A centre facilitating the obtaining of proofs from the state of origin of these migrants needs to be opened up.

Despite various issues related to migrants, it cannot be overlooked that the major flow of migrants always happens in developing areas, therefore, collaborative planning and strategies will help in constructing a pathway for improvement and growth. Naya Haryana will face the problem by strategising the flow as well as settling of migrants into the mainstream.

Reference: Media reports


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