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Naya Haryana

Sun, 28 February 2021

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Is the Interview System in Haryana the best way to select a candidate?

Is the Interview System in Haryana the best way to select a candidate?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

28th July 2014

Naya Haryana

Corruption and favouritism has become institutionalised in Haryana and can be seen in across various levels, within the government. The problem has now become widespread and the people are fed up with this, which can be seen in the national verdict given by the people against the UPA, in the general elections this year.

The interview system introduced by the present government for recruitment has raised a major controversy, especially when seen against the backdrop of corruption and favouritism in the state. In the western world, a reference given by a boss in a company or a professor for his student, carries credibility and is given due weightage. Once a candidate attends an interview, the process is fair, unbiased and evaluation of a candidate's potential is professional and based on his or her merits.

While this system is successful in a society, where integrity, ethics, knowledge, aptitude and interest are given due weightage, the same is not viable in a country like India, let alone Haryana, where interviews are easily influenced by various vested interests and where money can buy the individuals on the selection committee. Therefore, it is only natural that the youth in Haryana, which is most affected by this system, has come out to protest against this interview system, as a means of selection.

On July 23 this year, we had asked the youth whether the interview system in Haryana was right and the feedback we received from them was firmly against the system.

The question is, how do you ensure that the interview committee is free from political bias, caste bias, personal interest and above the temptation for financial gains? This is all happening in today's selection interview and therefore, there is an urgent need to further discuss and debate this.

In Naya Haryana, it is clear that the views of the youth must be taken into account before deciding on a suitable and fair system of evaluation & selection for jobs and it is our responsibility to ensure that the youth is given a fair and equal opportunity for selection, based on his or her academic qualification, talent, aptitude and interest. Therefore, the system to use a written test as a first level of evaluation is a must. However, the marks of a candidate alone is not enough to reflect his or her talent, aptitude and ability, therefore a personal interview is necessary to hear the candidate, before selecting the most suitable one.

Here, we would like to offer a suggestion to try and make the system less prone to corruption and misuse, and would like you, as our readers, to give us your opinion on what you feel is the best way possible. Based on your feedback, we will try and incorporate your views into the policy for selecting candidates, in the state under Naya Haryana.

To minimize corruption and misuse of power, it is suggested that the identity of the candidates are withheld from the selection committee, which must comprise of external persons known for their integrity. Each candidate must be allotted a number for the interview and will be referred by a number only. This number will be allotted to the candidates at the time of interview; therefore they will not be able to inform anyone in the selection committee about their identity.

The candidate's CV will be filtered wherein, the candidate's names, contact details, address and family background will be removed. The interview committee will not be able to identify the candidate's name, caste, religion or family background and will proceed with the interview in a truly unbiased manner. While no system can be completely foolproof, at least this will reduce the possibility for corruption and misuse to a great extent.

We will welcome your feedback, as we want to involve the youth in this important policy aspect, since this involves your future. Feel free to inform and bring all your friends into this debate. Your voice counts and we are listening. Naya Haryana will be your Haryana.

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