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Naya Haryana

Fri, 22 January 2021

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Illegal Industries in Haryana

Illegal Industries in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

16th September 2014

Naya Haryana

In the last 10 years of Hooda administration, all kinds of illegal activities have become institutionalised in the state. The decade gone by has seen a massive revenue loss to the state exchequer, which could have funded the overall development of infrastructure in the state. But this has not happened and various illegal businesses have become virtual industries, which are thriving in Haryana.

The media, along with members of civil society and various other concerned bodies, have been consistently highlighting the corruption in the Hooda administration as the main cause of all illegal activities proliferating in the state. Despite this, there has been very little done to check, control or prosecute those involved. The reasons are obvious. The corruption starts at the top and runs wide and deep.

So brazen are all those who are involved that there is no fear of police or the judicial system, and this is primarily because the stakes are high. There is a protection cover provided by those in power, which include politicians, government officials in all concerned departments and the police, who provide the opportunity by looking away and not taking any action.

And once in a while, if there is an arrest, it usually involves persons at the grassroots level, without touching anyone at the top. Corruption has become an impregnable fortress for those who live by it.

Some of the more common parallel industries that are thriving in Haryana are:

Illegal stone & sand mining

With Haryana emerging as a developer's paradise with large scale projects under development in all segments, which include residential, commercial, retail and institutional, the demand for building materials for construction and road building, is growing tremendously. This has given rise to the stone crushing and sand mining industry and thus there are several stone crushing units all over the state. These crushing units receive both authorised and unauthorised stones that have been mined and arrive by the truck loads for crushing.

Most of the transportation of these take place at night when both the legal and the illegal trucks pass through a series of police check points before arriving at the crushing unit. So one can't help but ask, how can a large dumper that is full of large stones, not get stopped or checked along the way?

The answer is obvious, while the scale of corruption is frightening. Frightening not because it's widespread but the fact that the police constable on the ground is not the end point of the money flow but the starting point.

From here the money begins to flow upwards in a pyramid that comprises of several government officials, police and ultimately the politicians, all receiving a share of the loot. The state gets nothing for its own assets! It is ridiculous to the point of being hilarious, to see these large dumpers plying freely but not being stopped or caught by the police.

There is a thriving illegal cross border trade happening wherein, trucks carrying stones move from Rajasthan and U. P. drive into Haryana for crushing. The story repeats itself at the borders and internal check points.

There is a well-organised and very influential mining mafia operating in the state with political patronage. This is not breaking news but an open secret in the state.

So if the Hooda administration has successfully served two terms, is it because he did wonders in developing the state or is it because they were able to garner widespread support of influential groups, all of whom profited from this  freedom  to carry on doing whatever they were doing? 

Illegal construction

The last 10 years has seen the state become a haven for illegal sale of land and that includes the entire gamut of sale right up till the registration. Then this is followed by illegal construction of a new property or illegally adding more floors to existing ones. And then again, there is the illegal expansion of slums on government and private land, which is then allowed access to all sorts of facilities like electricity, water, gas etc., all for a payment, and then one fine day the colony is either demolished by reclaiming the land or it is regularised, in exchange for a promise of votes.

Whichever way, there is a massive and parallel industry that is thriving and profiteering, all at the common man's cost. The principle it works on is scavenging by the all-powerful vultures that spare none. And all this is being allowed to happen right under the Hooda administration's nose. In 10 years it's become an industry. 

Illegal factories

Haryana is a state that resembles the Wild West in 18th century U.S.A, where everything was allowed to happen, provided you could make it happen. It was after all the survival of the fittest. Today's Haryana has illegal factories running all over the state, with more coming up each month.

There are factories that illegally run right under the administration's nose. From manufacturing fake FMCG goods which include cosmetics, to fake automotive parts, fake medicines, fake publications, and of course the very large and growing spurious liquor business.

It's all happening because the government prefers to turn a blind eye which further emboldens people to put up more such units. After all, it only takes greasing a few hands each month and its business as usual. Except that the state gets denied its rightful share of revenue, while the people end up buying spurious goods and medicines, often risking their lives.

Illegal services industry

There is a well-organised industry that offers all kinds of jobs, loans, licenses, permits, clearances and government jobs. There are power brokers with political connections, liaison agents, etc. that work closely with officials and promise to get work done within a confirmed period of time, at a cost. This grey industry is well set and the profit sharing is well structured with all those in the decision making process, taken care of.

Then there is the thriving medical care industry that offers everything that's illegal, for a price. From foetus gender identification, to abortion, to kidney & liver transplant, all are available for a price. Then there is the spurious drugs that get channelised along with regular drugs which get sold to unsuspecting patients, endangering their lives. It is criminality at its worst.

Time has come 

Mr Chief Minister, how could you allow all of this to grow for 10 years while consistently claiming that Haryana is a rapidly developing and progressive state? Was this the development that you were referring to? Where was your conscience? This is the people's voice. If you did not hear this for 10 years then there is very little chance that you will hear it now.

The people want change and they want it now. They are eager for a Naya Haryana which is built on a Nayi Soch. One that is built on a foundation of integrity, sincerity and hard work. Their time has come.



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