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Naya Haryana

Tue, 26 January 2021

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State of Hospitality industry in Haryana

State of Hospitality industry in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

14th June 2014

Naya Haryana

One of the chief requirements in Haryana in order to achieve greater economic prosperity, as is the case with any other state in India, is creation of more jobs and the hospitality sector, which is slated to assume greater importance in the future, is expected to play an important role in this context as well. However, there are certain areas that need to be looked at carefully before this becomes a reality. An important requisite in this instance is development of employable skills among the youth in Haryana and for it to be effectively achieved there has to be a careful plan.

In most of the cases hospitality related training is provided to students at an age when they have completed their higher secondary level examinations and are looking for career related courses to get started with their lives. However, it is perhaps more advisable to think that such training, if imparted from a younger age, would perhaps be more effective. Once again, though, this is easier said than done.

There has to be a properly developed procedure for the same and this needs the complete cooperation of the various schools and training centers across the state along with the national government and, last but absolutely not the least, the Haryana government. With more assistance and coordination from all the concerned parties it will actually be possible to make sure that the students interested in making a career in this domain get a headstart pretty early on in their lives.

It is stated that experience is an important ingredient in any field of work and perhaps this is one area that needs to be looked at. Students who are in the age group of 14 to 15 years need to be provided opportunities to work at various hotels and restaurants so that they can get a hang of things to come should they venture down that road. This sector also has a huge importance in the overall context of the tourism industry in Haryana as well as India.

In the years ahead, India is going to be a major destination for tourism especially among countries in the west thanks to its unmatched sights and sounds and the phenomenon that the international tourists describe as organized chaos. Haryana, thanks to its vicinity to Delhi  an important tourist attraction in India - is going to play an important role in this case as well. It is important that proper steps are taken in order to ensure that the young professionals in the state are up and ready to take on the responsibilities that are thrust on them.

The hospitality infrastructure in the rural stretches of Haryana needs to be developed well too. When Sachin Tendulkar played his final game in Ranji Trophy at Lahli in late 2012, a rural town in Haryana, he had to stay a friend's farmhouse because the village did not have the requisite facility. Now regarding the whole hype surrounding Tendulkar's last game in Indian domestic cricket it was conveniently forgotten that a guest of his stature could not be provided fitting accommodation. Once again, that should not have happened!

In fact, developing the hospitality sector in the rural sector along with the urban centers would have a positive effect on the overall economy as such. With a developed hospitality sector many people, both skilled and unskilled, would find employment opportunities and it would be extremely vital to developing the tourism sector in the state itself in the long run.

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