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Naya Haryana

Wed, 22 May 2019

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Hone Nahi Denge Haryana Ki Haar, Mitayenge Bhrastachaar

Hone Nahi Denge Haryana Ki Haar, Mitayenge Bhrastachaar, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

6th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Corruption is an issue that affects the economy adversely. It is a term which includes bribery and embezzlement, in general. The corrupt practices followed in India have increased to an extent that, as per studies, more than 62% Indians have admitted that they have given bribes to get their work done in public offices in the country. Therefore, corruption is a hurdle which comes in the way of development of our country. It prevails in every part of the country and therefore, Haryana is also not far behind to suffer from the evils of corruption.

Haryana also faces the issues and cases of corruption in the state. As per reports, Haryana is marked with corruption at every public step. The people in Haryana suffer from the corrupt practices which exist in the state at the public level. The recent issue which proves the existence of corruption in the state is the issue of the land Mafia and real estate builders. The controversial Robert Vadra-DLF deal has highlighted the issue of corruption in the state. The Haryana government has been blamed for selling the land at the cheapest prices to the builders, while they are sold with high profits to the general public. It is not the only example of corruption in the state. There are other corruption related issues as well, which have gain spotlight in the nation. The state is blamed for selling the government jobs to the highest bidder. The Haryana police also comes under the charge of accepting and asking for bribes even in criminal cases. The criminals are sent free after taking bribes, which give rise to more criminal cases.

It is very essential to curb corruption in Haryana. Strict measures and adherence to rules and regulations can bring a change in the state and can control and prevent corruption. There are several ways which can help curb corruption. Education is the most important tool which can help reduce corruption. Education helps a person to understand the process and procedure for any official or related work and educate them to get justice. Good governance and transparency among the government and the governed will also decrease the risk of corruption. Most importantly, every individual has to be honest to himself to control corruption. If each and every person becomes honest, it can put an end to corruption.

Haryana is looking forward for a brighter future. To become an honest and a corruption-free state, it is required to make a change in its outlook. The Nayi Soch can bring a change in the state. The vision of Naya Haryana should be the aim of every Haryanvi. Every single person in Haryana should work towards the betterment of the state and should think from a positive perspective that he/she himself can bring a change in his/her state. It is essential to kill the roots of corruption from the state and a hope of Naya Haryana should be a dream of everybody in Haryana. After all, it is a positive step towards the development of the state and a way in the direction of Naya Haryana. 


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