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Naya Haryana

Mon, 19 April 2021

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Hisar : The New Counter Magnet Area

Hisar : The New Counter Magnet Area, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

19th June 2014

Naya Haryana

The Counter Magnet Area (CMA) scheme was conceived in the Regional Plan 2001 for National Capital Region (NCR). As per Section 8(f) of the NCR Planning Board Act of 1985, the Board has to select an urban area outside the NCR, considering the location, population, and the potential for growth, which can be developed as the CMA. The purpose of establishing the CMA was (i) to divert migration of people from Delhi (ii) to increase growth in these cities which will help to achieve balanced urbanisation over a period of time. After a close consideration of several parameters such as size, migration, transportation and communication, etc., five CMA were recognised   Hisar in Haryana, Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, Kota in Rajasthan and Patiala in Punjab. It was also proposed in the scheme that the state governments or the concerned agencies shall prepare development programmes to upgrade the social and physical structures of these areas.

Hisar in Haryana is an existing CMA which is considered to have the potential to be developed against Delhi to control migration. As per reports, 7.87% of the total migration in Delhi comes from Haryana. Therefore, if Hisar gets developed it can attract migrants from neighbouring districts and will decrease the migration to Delhi. It is also reported that during 1991-2001, out of the total migrants, 37.56% people shifted to Delhi for work/employment and 36.78% shifted with their households from other states. It is essential that stricter review and follow up of economic policies be done, the flow of migrants monitored, and the policies restructured from time to time, which will help control migrations.

Only setting up policies and proposals will not be enough to put a control on migrations. It is necessary that the government take several measures so as to make Hisar a successful CMA. First and foremost is to strengthen the economic activities in the city. Strong economic policies along with substantial opportunities for the workforce can hold them from migrating to Delhi. Upgrade of physical and social infrastructure and establishment of better regional linkage will also be helpful in strengthening Hisar. The government, in Hisar, needs to revive the existing industries by introducing modern industrial parks, encouraging small-scale entrepreneurs, and providing means for technical training to manufacturers to produce internationally competitive products.

Quality social infrastructure, healthcare, housing, education and entertainment are necessary to fascinate the young talent of Haryana to relocate to Hisar. Advantages of existing economic conditions should be taken, especially by necessary development initiatives. The government has to take initiatives to attract investors in the region and make policies which offer freedom in operations as many national and international investors look forward to independence in operations. Hisar has been selected under the plans for development by the government, which proves that the city has the potential to stand out in Haryana and can compete with Delhi to regulate migration in the national capital. Naya Haryana envisions the dream for a successful state and is looking forward to see Hisar as a strong CMA.


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