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Naya Haryana

Tue, 2 March 2021

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Plan to make Haryana Healthy & Rich

Plan to make Haryana Healthy & Rich, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

4th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Healthcare has always been an issue that affects people the closest. It has also been a contending challenge for governments to ensure proper health programmes for maintaining a healthy workforce and happy citizens. Haryana, in the past two decades, have tried to combat their health-related problems with several government initiatives and social work done by non-governmental organizations, like UNICEF and ASHA. The future of Haryana, although, depends on how the prevailing health issues are tackled that will guarantee a healthy and rich state.

Health is closely related to the socio-economic condition of a place. Even though, Haryana enjoys the status of being one of the wealthiest in India, its socio-economic conditions vary from district to district. For instance, on one hand Gurgaon's per capita income is on the rise at a rate of 21%, Mahendragarh is at a miserable 6%. The numbers well explain the inequality and disharmony prevalent in Haryana with respect to infrastructure and healthcare. Many of the economically poor districts lack the minimum infrastructure of well-equipped hospitals, proper sewerage system, and clean water supply. In addition, Haryana is infamous for having the most dismal men-women ratio  877 per 1000 males  due to rampant female foeticide. There is, therefore, a long way up ahead to tackle these situations and make Haryana get a healthy future.

The challenge at hand for Haryana is to better its physical and social infrastructure, from improving the hospitals and schools to ensuring that every district has an administration focused on enhancing the socio economic life of each and every citizen. The priority should not only be to combat the most common ailments in the state, like anemia, malaria and skin diseases, but also to make efforts so that such diseases are completely removed from the state. These efforts may include improving the sanitation and spreading knowledge about how to take care of malnutrition. Medicines like Folic Acid and Vitamin supplements may also be distributed among the under-privileged families in the economically backward areas of the state.

Female foeticide in Haryana has been highlighted in many news reports and research papers for a long time. The gravity of the situation is in fact enhanced due to the weakening of the mother's health due to forced abortion after the first trimester and their poor care. There are a number of ways to tackle this grim situation and the first step would be to completely ban doctors who practice forced abortion. Other steps include prohibiting doctors to give the families knowledge of the gender of the baby, providing more benefits to families having a girl child, and empowering women to take good decisions about their own and their family's health.

Another challenge facing the health of Haryana is the problem arising from over using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It not only leads to pesticide resistance among pests, but both fertilizers and pesticides also end up accumulating in the human's body creating various levels of poisoning and death due to toxicity. In addition, the exploitative use of groundwater has also led to its pollution and continuous depletion. The best way to combat this situation is to adopt sustainable agricultural practices like organic farming, afforestation, and refilling groundwater.

In conclusion, Haryana's rich and healthy future can be ascertained using sustainable practices, spreading proper knowledge and discouraging wrongful activities.

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