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Naya Haryana

Fri, 22 January 2021

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Haryana getting smarter with Smart Cities

Haryana getting smarter with Smart Cities, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

5th June 2014

Naya Haryana

The concept of smart cities has emerged from the current scenario, where improvement in the knowledge, communication and social infrastructure bring a way for development in a state. But there are other factors like per capita income, environment and education which are also required to be highlighted for the completion of the concept of smart cities. This concept of smart cities has become popular in the entire country. The state of Haryana is not far behind from the projects of smart cities. A major portion of Haryana is considered to be a part of National capital Region (NCR) which aims for planning and development of the state.

There are 21 districts in Haryana out of which only a few have been developed to an extent that can bring praises for the state in terms of smart development. The Gurgaon city, for instance, is known for the rapid development and urbanisation in the state. It is known as the financial and the IT hub in North India. Else, Sonepat, which is called the education hub, as the Rajiv Gandhi Education city is being build in the town, is also under the process of development. Many universities have been established in Sonepat, which aim to impart education to the Haryana population. Although, these cities are booming in infrastructure, they face the social issues such as shortage of power and water supply, transportation and rising crimes, which are obstacles in the way of the overall development of the city. Now the question is, does the sole development in infrastructure can bring a city in the category of a smart city?

Another important question to be raised is that out of 21 districts, does the development in only a few districts/cities will make Haryana a prosperous state? The answer to both these question is 'No'. The smart city concept is required to be adapted equally by all the districts or cities in Haryana. For a smart city, several social and economic issues are required to be vanished and thoroughly considered by the government or the related authorities as they can bring a change in the state. All the 21 districts of Haryana should witness the growth from all the aspects equally. Infrastructure development, better transportation facilities, adequate power and water supply, sanitation, education, healthcare and control over crime are some of the important and essential elements which need to undergo development.

Many new projects and development programmes have been initiated in Haryana. The 'smart cities' concept is required to be fulfilled in every part of Haryana. The smartest way to introduce more smarter cities is through the dream of Naya Haryana. The Naya Haryana will be progressive only when the state will be valued as a whole. The ultimate goal of Naya Haryana will be achieved once the Nayi Soch will bring fruits for the state. The state can get smarter with more smart cities in the Naya Haryana in future. Haryana is one state which has the resources and the potential to reach and achieve the heights of success but, it just require a smarter way to grow and develop in the country.



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