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Naya Haryana

Mon, 8 March 2021

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How Does Haryana Compare with Gujarat

How Does Haryana Compare with Gujarat, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

3rd September 2014

Naya Haryana

Congress-led UPA must be ruing the day they called Narendra Modi a Chaiwala, for this Chaiwala is today India's Prime Minister, voted in by winning a massive people's mandate.

In the run-up to the election, Modi bashing was the favourite pastime of the Congress, who tried to push our very own Hoodaji against the Chaiwala from Gujarat to showcase how Haryana was ahead of Gujarat in development.

Well the truth is that on a head-to-head comparison Gujarat is ahead of Haryana in almost all parameters of comparison. One needs to simply drive through any city, town or village of Gujarat and experience the ride and then do the same in Haryana. The moment you leave the Highway (which is built by NHAI and not the state government) you can experience the harsh reality of Haryana, i.e. roads with potholes. You don"t have to be a driving expert to know that Gujarat is way ahead on the extent of roads and in quality of roads. Sorry Hoodaji, you lose.

So let's take a look at some Planning Commission statistics and use the same to make a factual comparison between the two states. All data used here is from the Planning Commission reports.

The Haryana Chief Minister has been claiming that the Haryana model of development should be extended to other states but the facts between Haryana and Gujarat reveal a different story.

The GDP Growth rate comparison

Take the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In 2011-12 period, Haryana grew at a rate of 7.41% while Gujarat grew at 10.01%. In 2012-13, Haryana grew at 6.52% while Gujarat grew at 7.96%. Through the recession years, Gujarat was consistently outperforming Haryana. Sorry Hoodaji.

Sector wise growth rate comparison


With great pride, Haryana government keeps stating about tremendous growth in agricultural production, so let's see what the facts on Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) tell us.

Between 2005-06 to 2013-14 period, the Agriculture and allied sector growth rate was 3.68% for Haryana, while Gujarat grew at 5.36%! So, as you can see, the Chaiwala's state outperformed Haryana in the agriculture sector, as well, which is supposed to be Haryana's strength.


So let's look at the Industry sector. During 2005-06 to 2013-14, Haryana grew at 6.25%, while Gujarat grew at 9.58%! Sorry Haryana, all the tall claims of industry rushing into Haryana, fall flat. Gujarat drew more industry to invest in that state than Haryana.


The Hooda administration has publicised its growth model by showcasing the number of manufacturing companies that have set up factories here, but the facts tell another story when we compare with Gujarat. From 2005-06 to 2013-14, the manufacturing sector in Haryana grew at 6.5%, while Gujarat was racing ahead at 9.57%!

Sector wise comparison by turnover

Agriculture and Allied services

In 2012-13 period, Haryana delivered a turnover of Rs 29,378 crore, while Gujarat produced a turnover of Rs 47,594 crore. Gujarat beat Haryana by 61.98%. So much for the agrarian state!


In 2012-13, Industry sector showed a turnover of Rs 52,087 crore for Haryana, while Gujarat delivered Rs 1,67,326 crore. That's more than three times the Haryana turnover!

Mining & Quarrying

For the same period, Haryana's turnover in Mining was Rs 65 crore, while Gujarat produced Rs 6,918 crore. No contest.


Haryana as a rapidly emerging manufacturing base had a turnover of Rs 34,613 crore in 2012-13, while the Chailwala's state delivered Rs 112,881 crore. That's more than three times! And still Hoodaji says Gujarat's development model is a failure and all states should follow Haryana's development model!


The same story extends to the services sector. For the same period, Haryana had a turnover of Rs 1,06,568 crore, while Gujarat as usual remained well ahead with a turnover of Rs 2,12,301 crore. Again double of what Haryana did.

Human Development

Now let's turn our attention to Human development and see how the two states compare.

Let's look at the infrastructure for higher education in both the states. After all, its the number and quality of educated persons in a state that make the difference between a mediocre state and a progressive one. The period of comparison is 2010-12.

The number of colleges for general education in Haryana stood at 179, while Gujarat had 593.

The number of colleges for professional education in Haryana stood at 520, while Gujarat had 694.

The number of colleges for research in Haryana was 50, while Gujarat had 569. Gujarat is better prepared for the future.

The number of universities in Haryana was 22, while Gujarat had 37.

The number of polytechnics in Haryana was 32, while Gujarat had 104. The number of persons with higher education in Gujarat is significantly more than Haryana, so how does Haryana plan to out beat Gujarat? Gujarat has invested much more on human development and is therefore better placed to grow in future. Here again, Hoodaji you lose.


The number of hospitals, clinics and public health centres are far more in Gujarat than Haryana. It's not about numbers alone but the quality of staff. Here again, Haryana, it's a no contest.

Let alone a number comparison, the hospitals in Haryana barely function on account of poor electricity supply that is plaguing the state. Compare the 24 hour power supply in all cities, towns and villages of Gujarat.

Infant mortality


If we take just one parameter, say Infant Mortality and make a comparative study, we see that for once Haryana is ahead of Gujarat(and it's a matter of shame). In 2010, the infant mortality rate in Haryana was 48, while in Gujarat, it was 44. In 2011, it was 44 and 41 in Haryana and Gujarat, respectively. In 2012, Haryana's IMR was 42, while Gujarat's IMR was 38. While it is nice to see that the infant mortality rates in both states have fallen consistently, one can't help but note that here again Gujarat beats Haryana.

Literacy rate

In Literacy rates comparison, say in 2011, Haryana stood at 75.60%, while Gujarat was marginally better at 78%. The same is true for female literacy rates (above 7 years), in Haryana it stood at 76.64%, while Gujarat was marginally better at 79.31%.


Female sex ratio

Haryana has been suffering due to the evil practice of female infanticide, therefore the sex ratio in Haryana is low. In 2011, the female sex ratio in Haryana was 877 (per 1000 males), while in Gujarat, it was 918.

As you can see from all the facts mentioned above, Gujarat has beaten Haryana on all counts and is way ahead in overall development. If we have to make Naya Haryana a reality, we will have to first start accepting the facts as they are and move on from there.

The people have become tired of listening to false and tall claims of how Haryana is a success story and why other states should adopt the Haryana model of development.

Sorry citizens, the facts don't lie. That's the reason why the Chief Minister of one state has become the Prime Minister of India, while the other one is on his way out. It's now time for a Nayi Soch that will usher in a Naya Haryana.

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