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Naya Haryana

Wed, 2 December 2020

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Haryana Buses - Private Ordeal Or Public Concern

Haryana Buses - Private Ordeal Or Public Concern, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

9th September 2014

Naya Haryana

Bus services and roadways are the most important connectivity options for the state of Haryana. The state has a robust network of 29 national highways (covering about 1,460 kilometers) and numerous state highways (covering over 2,494 kilometers). Some of the best-known and most prestigious national highways including NH 1, NH 2, NH 10, NH 22, and NH 65 pass through the state. It is not surprising, then, that the people of Haryana greatly prefer busses for both intracity and inter-city travel. Buses also offer the most cost effective means of transport and a sturdy, reliable transport option to the people of Haryana.

For many years now, transport within the cities of Haryana or travel between any two parts of the state, has been largely handled by the state transport buses. Neighbouring cities such as Punjab, Rajasthan, and the NCR territory are connected with Haryana by state buses that ply at regular intervals. Of late, however, Haryana state transport buses have come up with a number of concerns giving way to the entry of many private bus operators. Lack of maintenance and upgradation is one important factor. When neighbouring state roadways and private operators became keen on introducing luxury buses and air conditioned coaches, the Haryana Roadways struggled to maintain its rickety buses.

Frequent strikes by the drivers and administrative staff of Haryana Roadways have been another factor disrupting travel in the state. In September 2012, about 3,519 permits were offered to private bus operators plying on 1,017 routes in the state. Earlier that year, about 2,694 bus permits were handed out to private operators in the state. The introduction of private operators has not been free of its own challenges, though. Lack of safety and security has been a major concern. The private operators have concentrated on routes that are potentially lucrative, ignoring the interiors of the state that require connectivity. Road rages and competitive driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, overcrowding etc., have been resultant challenges faced by the people of the state.

Naya Haryana, our dream home is a state where transport and communication bring together the needs of the people with the availability of efficient transport options. It is only by a well-thought out balance between private and public players that the road transport and bus networks in the state can be developed to its full potential. Different bus stations for different routes and infrastructural development is a key necessity in the development of both private and public bus networks in the state. Haryana needs more bus terminals, better roads, and more efficient systems. This need can no longer be ignored by the state government.

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