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Naya Haryana

Sun, 28 February 2021

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Haryana Agricultural University – Languishing in Obscurity

Haryana Agricultural University – Languishing in Obscurity, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

4th September 2014

Naya Haryana

When one thinks of Haryana, the first few things that come to one's mind are its fantastic roads in the National Capital Region, the slew of companies doing business over there and the improvements in standards of living. Not many people seem to associate this North Indian state with education, and that is an absolute shame considering the fact that it has the Haryana Agricultural University. This university is one of the biggest of its kind in Asia but unfortunately not many people are aware of the same. This also means that not many students come here to study.

The university has been in news of late for developing two new varieties of barley and wheat that are resistant to various diseases as well. It has also been awarded by the Indian Government for the contribution that has been made by it towards the research and development in the domain of agriculture in India. It has also come up with two new kinds of cotton that are not only resistant to pests but also provide a lot of yield. It has also been credited for leading the development of mustard and rapeseed. This is why it seems absolutely strange as well as inexplicable that the state government chooses to not promote it to a wider audience.

Haryana has been declared a drought affected state only a few days back. This is where an institution like the Haryana Agricultural University can really make a telling contribution. It can be empowered to come up with crops that can be grown even in such harsh climatic conditions as the state seems to suffer from nowadays. For that though the state government needs to enable the university to perform the perfect standard of research.

Promoting such universities should be at the forefront of the state's policy making, considering the critical state of higher education in India. There are not too many such universities in India where agricultural studies are offered. Perhaps with the right amount of promotion and leveraging, the state government should be able to draw students from across the country to this university, and also with some luck, international students can be attracted as well. That would surely do wonders for the state's image.

Moving aside the promotional and prestige aspect, there is a real need for such an institute to prosper. Even though industry and services are slowly making the race to the top, agriculture still sits atop the value chain of Indian economy thanks to its status as a primary sector and in order for that to be enriched further it is important that studies and knowledge of the same are promoted in an active manner.

It could be that many people, young bright minds, who may be genuinely interested in taking up agriculture in higher studies, are forced to look for options outside the country. It is necessary that more people are made aware of this university, so that they can come and make their dreams come true. This will also ensure that the incessant process of brain drain is checked somewhat.

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