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Naya Haryana

Sat, 27 February 2021

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Gap in Commitment and Execution by Haryana Government

Gap in Commitment and Execution by Haryana Government, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

25th September 2014

Naya Haryana

When one takes a look at Haryana, one sees a lot of potential  in terms of technological advancement and industrial progress, so much of which has been seen in the last few years. The state has always been a forerunner in agricultural production right from the days of the Green Revolution. Then, how come does one explain the massive gap between the poor and the rich in the city, the relative lack of a middle class the backbone of any society in the North Indian state? How come does majority of farmers continue to live in abject poverty every day of their lives without virtually any hope of getting out of the rut?

One of the many glaring instances where the government has failed to live up to its words is the Indira Awaas Yojana. As per the scheme, the beneficiaries, people without houses or with broken and run down houses, were supposed to be paid a certain amount of money. As per official records they were paid the amount but in actuality they were not given the money and till now most of these people continue to languish in their squalid surroundings. They do not know if there is any hope for them.

The state is also supposed to provide round-the-clock electricity to each and every house in the state. For that purpose a project had also been started during 2009 in association with the World Bank. However, World Bank had stated in 2013 that it was not satisfied with how the project was shaping up and its pace. It had cited a number of problems like acquiring land, for example. In some cases the costs had gone up. The final outcome of all this was that the common people were left high and dry.

It is not that the government has failed only the common people in certain instances, even its own employees have gone up against it. In recent years there has been a trend of outsourcing government work to private entities. At the very outset the reasons are to speed up work and make the whole process more efficient and smooth in that way. However, such a move also allows government to save work and once the present batch of workers are done away with then the state administration can choose not to recruit professionals at the executive level and get that work done by people working in private firms. This is basically a contravention of the job security that the government is supposed to provide to the common people. This is also the reason there have been intermittent strikes by various workers and laborers union across the state.

The failing of the government in taking proper care of its people can also be understood from the lack of toilets for women in the state. The problem is even more acute in the rural areas where women have to defecate in the open and have often been violated as a result. Even among the ones that are there, most cannot be used. The state has also failed to provide sufficient security to women.

One can keep on writing pages, one after the other, about how the state government has failed the common people. However, it is up to the government to sit up and take notice and do something about it.

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