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Naya Haryana

Tue, 2 March 2021

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Development of Villages of Haryana

Development of Villages of Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

5th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana, a state that kept a low profile two decades back, has now grown into a mega state that has everything that a world class state has. It has gained success as a commercially and technically savvy state. With the third highest per capita income in the country, it is one of the wealthiest states in the country. And not only this, it is also a home to the largest number of rural crorepatis in India. How it has come into a league that was unthinkable of a decade back?

A part of the reason behind this can be attributed to its sustained growth in agriculture and manufacturing industry over the years. The state has continuously attracted the corporate world to open their offices and production centres in its vicinity. Easy availability of modern, world-class housing facility and concierge services are the prime reasons behind this. All this growth has put Haryana ahead of many states in India in terms of producing the number of crorepatis in the region. The state has shattered the old assumption that bigger cities produce more crorepatis or, to become a crorepati, one has to have some commercial connection to the bigger cities.

According to media sources, rural Haryana has 482 crorepatis, which is way ahead of Bangalore that has only 137 crorepatis. The same is true for the agrarian state Punjab, which has more number of crorepatis in the villages than in most of the bigger cities across India. This all has happened because of the skyrocketing land and property prices in the region. The lucrative money offered by the builders made many migrate from being a farmer to a crorepati. Although the payments handed out to them by the builders was not enough to let them sustain the lifestyle of a crorepati for the remaining part of their lives. It's their reinvestment that made them what they are today Crorepatis. Like some of them repurchased lands in adjoining areas, such as Rewari and Bhiwani, the prices of which have increased substantially over the years, making them super-rich in the process.

Their new-found crorepati status has not made them migrate to another state with better civic amenities. The villages with filthy surroundings, choking drainages and congested by lanes still act as the backdrop of their homes, although swanky cars are lined up at the entrance of their residences. With their purchasing power stretching to the limit, they don't mind the skyrocketing prices.

Haryana, though, boasts of the largest number of rural crorepatis in India, it is also a home to some of the most backward districts of India. Mahendragarh, Sirsa and Mewat are the three districts that feature among the 250 most backward districts of India. This presents a very contrasting figure for Haryana. There is a strong need to get these districts on par with the other districts of the state, for only then Haryana will be called developed in its true sense.


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