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Naya Haryana

Sat, 6 March 2021

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Film Industry in Haryana to be Strengthened

Film Industry in Haryana to be Strengthened, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

24th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Today, films are one of the effective mediums of entertainment in society. Being the largest film-making industry in the world, India produces the largest number of films in a year. Most of the films made here are in the national language, but a parallel movie-making takes place in regional languages as well. South India is one of the most prolific regions that produce films in the local language. But, all is not well with every regional film-making industry in the country. Haryana also produces films in its regional language, Haryanvi. But of late, it is facing several resistance and hindrances in seeing itself do well commercially and socially. Let’s highlight some of the obstacles and the solutions required to promote this industry.

Since the number of films produced in Haryana remained almost negligible until 1984, the film industry here is relatively new in comparison to other regions, such as those produced in South India and West Bengal. The films released earlier had failed to catch the imagination of the local people, as they had inherently failed to properly depict the true culture of Haryana and connect with the local people and their lives. The film-making picked up in Haryana only in 80s, but still the Haryanvi films could not match the success of films produced in other non-hindi speaking regions, as the local audience preferred watching Bollywood movies.

The Haryanvi film industry today needs technological up gradation along with pumping of money to revive itself. Besides, technical assistance should be provided to let the professionals upgrade themselves. Technicians like cinematographers, art directors, fight masters, etc. should be equipped with the latest technology.

Although, the budget of Rs. 1.50 crore of Haryana Kala Parishad has been approved, the amount is a pittance. More resources in terms of finance, training and guidance are required to be infused in this industry. Also, marketing of films should be made more effective, on the lines of Bollywood films. The power of social media can be exploited on a larger scale to not only promote films far and wide, but also to interact with the audience and determine their preferences.

Media and entertainment organisations must stretch themselves to keep pace with the fast evolving environment of the film industry. They must develop new strategies to infuse new values to their productions. Multi-channel distribution plans and exploiting satellite rights, for instance, can be good ways to achieve this purpose.

Taking consumers feedback, which can influence each and every aspect of film making, is essential. They can help in indicating the changes to be made in the way films are produced and made. Also, independent film making should be promoted, and more and more films should be displayed in movie festivals to give them better visibility amongst the heterogeneous audience.

Movies don't only generate revenue for the state, but also help in communicating a message to the audience, besides entertaining them. Any effort in this direction will surely help to revive the film industry in the state.


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