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Naya Haryana

Sat, 23 January 2021

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Will work to provide Equal Opportunities to Backward Sections

Will work to provide Equal Opportunities to Backward Sections, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

9th June 2014

Naya Haryana

The human capital, in Haryana, is the supreme strength for the development of the state. That is, for the state to reach its zenith of progress (as we are envisioning), its citizens must be provided with all kinds of opportunities towards their sustainability. In a multicultural and varied population composition of the society that Haryana presents, it must be ensured that all sections of the society, especially its backward sections, are provided equal opportunities in all fields of life. How do we ensure that minorities have equitable access to resources in Haryana?

The backward sections in Haryana are people belonging to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and from backward castes who have historically been subjugated and dominated through denial of equal access to the resources in the region. Though their numbers in the state have been escalating rapidly, the opportunities accorded to them are not at par with those that are granted to other communities in the state. Although Haryana has set a guiding example for launching social justice welfare schemes and empowerment opportunities, the government of the state must indulge in enhanced implementation of equal opportunities to these underprivileged sections of the society.

First and foremost, education must play the critical role of spreading awareness of equality among the people. The common citizens of the state must not look down upon and despise its fellowmen on the basis of caste, class and religion literacy must be spread across all sections of the society. Change in attitude must be the beginning of this agenda.

Mainly due to poverty, children of the backward sections cannot afford to be given quality education by their parents. At a tender age, these children are made to become labourers in agricultural fields or in other menial work along with their families, to help in generating family income. Government and non-government institutions must ensure that these children have equal access to good quality education, not only in schools, but also in colleges and universities. In other words, grant in aides in the form of scholarships, by these different arms of the administration must be further safeguarded for these children.

Closely related to the above phenomenon are the differential job opportunities to these communities. Because the backward communities are deprived in getting quality educational facilities, they cannot bag the best jobs in the industry. For equal opportunities to be granted to the minorities, reservations in both public and private sectors must be expanded. Greater reservation for employment of women belonging to the backward sections is an absolute must. These women must come out in the public space in more numbers, not only to attain a sustained income for their family, but also to alter the patriarchal set-up. Reservations in all sectors of Haryana's economy must be welcomed, so that people from these backward sections can access the resources in its entirety, and establish their success in society.

Haryana has implemented some noteworthy policies and initiatives of welfare for different sections of the society. In our dream project Naya Haryana, these policies must be extended in greater acceptance to these backward sections of the society. The government must identify and acknowledge people from these communities, and grant them access to pension schemes, healthcare facilities and all other benefits which will act as weapons of change for the backward sections of Haryana.

We must remember that granting further equal access to the backward sections of the society does not in anyway, mean that access to resources for so-called elite upper caste communities is being denied. On the contrary, if equal opportunities are meted out to the minorities, the divisions in society can be permanently erased, giving rise to a peaceful Haryana. 


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