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Naya Haryana

Fri, 30 October 2020

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Employment and productivity will make Haryana successful

Employment and productivity will make Haryana successful, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

10th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Although development has been going on in Haryana for the past few years, not much has been achieved. Apart from a few major cities, not many regions in the state have seen sufficient development so far. Two important indicators in this regard are employment and productivity. Let us look at what these entail for the state.


It is essential to generate and increase employment in the state. The state is required to increase the amount of jobs by increasing development and improving the base for job production. The government should increase jobs in its departments and should provide ample opportunities for the job seekers. Employment exchanges should be made more effective, and better administrative services should be made available to the people. With a rise in urbanisation and privatisation, it is essential that relevant, better and abundant jobs be available to the people. Whether he/she is a skilled labourer, engineer or professional, every person should be given a platform for employment. More and more industries, organisations and businesses should be commenced so as to attract and enhance the employment portfolio of the state. The employment base should be strong and must be within the reach of every citizen of the state. Job portals, employment exchange, advertisements, etc., are the means which should be easily accessible by the job seekers.


Besides better employment opportunities, it is also necessary to improve the productivity level of the state. Industries, firms, business houses, manufacturing units, etc., should raise the productivity level of the state. The workers' productivity should be increased and improved by taking several measures. A few such measures are: awareness among the workforce about their jobs, reward and recognition, and value for the employees' efforts which motivate the workers and encourage them to increase their productivity. Increasing productivity necessarily does not mean that it should increase workforce productivity only, but the state, in general, should also look forward to better growth and development. Better productivity in terms of infrastructure, transportation, education, healthcare, etc., is also required for the development of the state.

Naya Haryana is a vision which seeks a developed and an all new state which will have a completely changed picture. It is a vision which encompass ideas, thoughts and mission to achieve the goal of Naya Haryana. Nayi Soch will bring a change in the society and a change in the state of Haryana, where development will not only take place but will be visible with the advancement and development . Haryana is capable of achieving success and becoming a state of full development. Nayi Soch can bring an evolution in the state which can embark victory and success for Naya Haryana in the country.


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