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Naya Haryana

Sat, 5 December 2020

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Employment and Entrepreneurship is a way to Success

Employment and Entrepreneurship is a way to Success, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

7th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana has seen a lot of development in the past few years. The state has witnessed development in terms of infrastructure, education, healthcare, information technology and employment opportunities, etc. There has been development in several parts of the state, because of which there are better facilities and opportunities for the natives of the state. With the increasing number of multinational corporations and educational institutions in the cities like Gurgaon, Rohtak and Sonepat, there has been a rise in the employment opportunities for the people. But, the harsh truth is that besides these developing cities, the rest of the cities and districts are not able to provide the necessary employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to the people.

There is a need to frame well-structured policies by the government, which can provide a better and equal employment to all the people in the state. Government or the related authorities of the state should provide opportunities to all the sections of the society and for people at all the levels   be it white-collar or blue-collar jobs. Whether they are skilled engineers or skilled labourers, the people in the state should be given an employment, which is also their right. Haryana is a rich state in terms of wealth and agriculture. There are farmers in the state who have plenty of lands and wealth and have no vision for their own future or their future generations. The related authorities or the government need to cater these people and acquaint themselves with the available opportunities, which they can grasp and grab for their brighter future. Starting up new small scale industries and providing a way for self employment can also be exercised by the government.

There are certain loopholes regarding the development in Haryana. It is essential that the government should take necessary measures to tackle the problems of unemployment. More small scale industries or organisations should be developed in the under developed regions of the state. It is important to attract the right talent from the right place. This way the local talent can be used and given opportunities to settle in their respective careers. The availability of job opportunities in their hometown will also control the issue of migration to other developed cities. For instance, Gurgaon is an IT city in Haryana which attracts talent from not only the state but from the entire nation. 

Haryana is rich in agriculture and therefore several measures could be taken in this context. The youth of the small towns and villages can be trained in new agricultural techniques, which can help them start their own small scale business or industry. This can give a way for self employment to the youth. The government needs to generate more and more public sector jobs along with the development in the state. Better employment opportunities will lead to success towards the accomplishment of the dream of Naya Haryana. If Haryana is able to succeed in providing equal and adequate employment opportunities to its people, it will definitely be felicitated by the entire nation for achieving the success and growth rate.


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