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Naya Haryana

Sat, 24 October 2020

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Earn While You Learn - A Relook

Earn While You Learn - A Relook, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

18th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Education, in modern society is, often a means to earning one's livelihood. The explosive costs of higher education, however, prevent students from pursuing their studies leading up to lower job opportunities, incomes, and poverty. To address this issue it is needed that the students wishing to pursue higher education and intending to opt for vocational courses are provided an opportunity to work even as they study.

In late 2011, the Haryana state government had introduced Earn While You Learn scheme encouraging not-so-affluent students of government colleges to work even as they pursue their degree program. The Earn While You Learn scheme, though, has run up against a number of roadblocks and challenges that have reduced it into a nominal scheme and kept it from realizing its full potential. Firstly, only a very few government colleges were selected to participate in this scheme. Even in these colleges a very miniscule fraction of students are picked to participate. Al private colleges are excluded from participating in the scheme. Only those colleges in which a shortage of ministerial staff has been reported are currently partnering in the scheme. The ideals of the scheme were excellent to start with   promotion of self-reliance and the ability to finance the education of talented students. But these ideals are frustrated when the vast majority of the students do not gain from the scheme. In 2001-2002 state was estimated to have 4 Universities, 214 colleges including 161 colleges of general education and 53 colleges dedicated exclusively to women. The number of colleges and students passing out each year has increased many times over the past decade. The existing scheme is inadequate to provide considerable earning opportunities to all the students in need. Teachers, besides, are unhappy about the scheme, since students are paid about INR 100 but government employees are paid much higher amounts as salaries.

The Earn While You Learn of Haryana definitely needs an updation to ramp up its scale. One effective way of doing this is to partner with corporate entities and institutions and encourage the students to take up off-site freelancing projects with these offices. The placement cells of most colleges could act as facilitation centers to assist students pick such work projects. Government offices could, likewise provide the students all their off-site projects in small bytes.

The students of Haryana deserve to be able to avail the beneficial schemes without any discrimination. Self-reliance, work culture and ethics, and working experience are important values and skills that must be inculcated in the college-going students of the state for a progressive Naya Haryana.


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