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Naya Haryana

Sun, 19 May 2019

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E-governance and citizen charter - facilities online

E-governance and citizen charter - facilities online, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

30th July 2014

Naya Haryana

In an era of digital networking, Haryana has been slow to adopt the use of computers to enable more efficient, transparent and faster form of governance. Even today, the common does not have access to most information regarding government schemes, policies and decisions because the departments are still not fully networked. The present Haryana government has not adopted the use of technology at the level it should have nor have they introduced people friendly software to ensure that the common man's experience of approaching and doing business with the government is free from harassment, delays and corruption.

The common man has to face the usual bureaucratic harassment for most applications or interaction with the government and corruption has become a serious problem at all levels. It is an accepted fact that computerization to the maximum level will only make the system function faster, more efficiently and will take away the possibility for corrupt officials to make money and this is the reason why there is resistance to introduce computers at a faster pace.

The present government has taken steps to introduce computers at the panchayat level and various departments and has mandated the state owned Hartron to implement the computerization process. But the level of computerization has been very slow and has been further delayed due to lack of trained personnel on various software developed for the purpose.

One of the biggest shortcomings of the present government has been the lack of transparency and prevailing corruption. To fight this problem, Naya Haryana plans to make it mandatory for all departments to implement a paperless office wherein all work will be conducted digitally. This can be implemented in phases as it will entail both investment and training. However, the government under Naya Haryana is committed to ensuring not only full computerization of all departments but a system that will be people friendly.

The land records will be fully computerized and publicly available for anyone to access the current status of all land in the state. Today, if there is a dispute relating to a land transaction, there is no transparent or single point where the actual situation is available to the common man. Where partial computerization has taken place, very often the data available is old and has not been updated. Therefore, under Naya Haryana, the emphasis is going to be placed on development of user friendly software that can be easily accessed by an individual's mobile phone. This will also simplify the workload of officials that are burdened with paperwork, under the present system.

If a person applies to the government for anything, there must be a status update in real time available to the individual that will accurately inform him on the status of his application and if any further information or documentation is required from the applicant, the intimation from government must be clear and immediate.

There is no reason why applications for electricity, water, taxes, passport, permissions, licences etc cannot be fully online, without need for personal visit. Widespread use of digital signatures, safe payment gateways, and user-friendly e-documentation will be promoted actively and both the government personnel, as well as the citizens will be adequately informed and trained on the benefits of these. Today, this is totally lacking, as the present government is bogged down with very basic level computerization. We realize that the need of the hour is to treat this as an immediate priority and make available adequate resources to ensure speedy implementation.

This will ensure that the common man is fully aware of the policies of each department and the process of application will be made online, wherein he does not need to personally travel to any department or at least his travel is kept to minimum visits. There is no need for citizens to personally visit the government departments for most activities, if the system is digitized and transparent. A simple act like taking an appointment with any government official will be made online and this will save time and money for both the citizens and the government, besides providing a major relief to the citizens.

Worldwide, developed economies have saved millions of dollars by adopting e-governance and investing adequately in technology, software and training and under Naya Haryana, we shall ensure that the same benefits will be made available to our citizens. For the first time, the citizens of Haryana will see that dealing with the government can be a pleasant and corrupt free experience.




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