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Naya Haryana

Wed, 3 March 2021

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Developing Tier II and Tier III Cities in Haryana

Developing Tier II and Tier III Cities in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

4th July 2014

Naya Haryana

The tier II and III cities in India are delivering successful economic growth in the last few years. Tier II cities are the ones which have a population of around one million, while tier III cities have a population of less than one million. In Haryana, Faridabad is a tier II city, whereas other cities belong to the tier III segment.

The cities in Haryana need low public investment but have the potential to become developed. They have inherent advantages that can easily add to their success. The growth in these regions can be affected due to the gap between the demand and availability of the resources. As these cities have the potential to grow, it is necessary that adequate development and growth should be made here. Special initiatives by the state government in providing better infrastructure and basic facilities in these smaller cities can improve their scope for development. Creating more Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in the state can also be beneficial for them. Corporate infrastructure should also be created, so that companies from different sectors could invest here and transform them into fastest growing cities in the coming years. Establishing corporate sector will also improve job opportunities, which in turn can bring economic prosperity for the state.

The growth in these cities will also be helpful in deviating and dividing the pressure of the tier I cities or the metros which have to bear the burden of the time, infrastructure and space. The improvement in these cities will also help in equal distribution of wealth, which can improve the status of people of rural Haryana. Cheaper real estate and abundant manpower can attract real estate firms and IT companies to invest more, which can offer low-cost and affordable houses and better employment opportunities. Quality lifestyle, walk-to-work concept, emergence of private companies can also improve the standard and quality of these cities.

In Haryana, there are many small and medium size manufacturing units which can be offered with cost advantageous resources in the context of labour and operations. More such units can be initiated and developed here. Better connectivity is also the need of the hour in these cities of Haryana. The state touches its border with many other states and with proximity to Delhi, it needs better connectivity services. Metro services which are proposed for the tier II cities can be extended to tier III cities too here. Education facilities should also be improved by setting up more professional and higher education institutes. Better education facilities in the home state can control migration of people to other developed metro cities.

Being a potentially strong state, Haryana has plenty of resources and opportunities to develop its not-so-popular regions. Improved and structural management with efficient governance can add to the development of these places. What is required is the implementation of the correct strategies and a righteous approach towards growth. Naya Haryana, a dream that we envision, will work towards the benefit of the society as a whole. It will emerge as a state in India which will have an equal and balanced growth in its each and every region.

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