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Naya Haryana

Fri, 22 January 2021

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Developing a professionally managed Sports Infrastructure in Naya Haryana

Developing a professionally managed Sports Infrastructure in Naya Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

31st July 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana has developed as a state that contributes the maximum number of successful sports persons in the country and this can be seen by the fact that in the last Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi in 2010, Haryana contributed 15 out of the 38 medals that were won by Indians. This shows that Haryana has matured as a state with potential for producing further champions.

However, the present system of sports is not adequate and sustainable to develop world class champions in both men and women. There are several issues that require to be addressed. There aren't enough well equipped stadiums that are complete units providing world class facilities at the sub-junior and junior levels. Even the senior level have only a few centres that offer good quality training facilities. In addition, there is a shortage of well-trained coaches at the grass root level. The problem is that the current system of nurturing sports is still very basic.

Under Naya Haryana, Captain Abhimanyu's plan is to address the entire chain of sports development for a trainee that will start from identifying potential talent for each sport at the age group of 8-10 years and then ensure that the child is given complete training as per his or her potential and progressively develop the same till he or she is ready to compete at the international level.

This will require a complete sports ecosystem of personalized training, highly trained coaches, inclusion of world-class sports medicine, dietary planning, and a reward system that can sustain an individual's career after he or she stops competing. There is a need to provide a career after the player has finished playing active sports. Unless this security is available, we will not get adequate number of children drawn into taking up sports as a career.

This will require public-private sector participation as sports training is capital intensive and requires sustained financial inputs. The government can focus on offering low cost land and subsidized service inputs like cheap electricity, water, and custom duty exemption or subsidy, to reduce the cost of importing the latest equipment. The operational and training aspect must be left to the private sector and big corporates who can ensure that the best administrators, training coaches, sports medicine specialists, physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians, etc are involved at the early stage of training.

Once comprehensive training is provided from 8-16 years, there will be enough depth of talent available for further advanced training. This is where the role of a state sponsored Sports University can come in. The 16 year old trainee can then have the option to go to the Sports University to train till the age of 21 years or remain in the private sector training facility that may be promoted as a parallel option.

The objective is to ensure that there is a large pool of trained and talented sportspersons in the age group of 16 years, which will then form the basis of a pool from which world class champions will emerge by the time he or she reaches the 21 year age group. Today, this large pool of progressively trained sportspersons is lacking, therefore, we do not have very strong competition within the country that is world class. China has achieved great success by implementing a similar approach, however, the complete sports development program is government funded.

We need suitable worldclass stadiums that are complete with state-of-the-art gymnasiums and technology to monitor and record a sports trainee's progress. Today, the training that is being provided across various sports disciplines is still very basic and only those preparing for the highest level, have access to better equipment and infrastructure that is available only to a select few.

Under Naya Haryana we plan to develop modern stadiums that will have a complete residential unit with the highest quality of scientifically planned diet that is individually prepared for each sportsperson, based on the game that he or she is training for. Each stage of the trainee's improvement in his or her game will be recorded and monitored and this includes his physical growth and medical condition, as well. Given the possibility of getting injured during the training, we plan to introduce a comprehensive insurance program that will offer top medical cost cover and compensation, in case of serious injury.

To ensure that we can develop a large pool of highly trained coaches who have access to the latest development in their sport, we need to have a system to absorb the trained players who finish playing competitive sports to join the advanced coaching program. This program will be well funded and will have close tie-ups with leading international sports coaching centres across the globe. This will ensure that there is a regular exchange program of leading coaches and this knowledge will then be transferred to the young trainees at the 8-14 year level. The coaching can be focused on the 8-11, 12-14 and 15-18 year age groups. This will ensure that there is enough highly trained coaches specializing in various age groups.

Haryana has a lot of talent that needs to be nurtured and developed. There is a huge potential amongst young girls who are very interested to take up sports provided they are offered the right encouragement and an assurance of a career. In the current Commonwealth Games at Glasgow, several girls from Haryana like Vinesh, Geeta Phogat, Jyoti are competing in wrestling along with several other girls who are playing in various games and doing Haryana proud.

We now need to further ensure that all girls who are interested to take up sports as a career are given the same opportunity and encouragement, as men. We need to offer the same system of identifying young talented girls in the 8-10 year age group and then develop them till they are ready to compete at the international level.

India is strong in traditional sports like wrestling, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and these can be further developed to encourage women to take up these traditional sports and bring them under a modern development program.

All sports need to be made attractive for live as well as TV audience and unless sports is marketed professionally like cricket has been in IPL and recently Badminton, Hockey and now Kabbadi are all running their own Premier League. The public response has been very good and this is good for the sport as more money will come in, which in turn will attract more young players to take up the sport.

Under Naya Haryana, we have a clear vision on how we plan to implement a comprehensive sports development program in the state and with your involvement and support; we shall together make Haryana India's number one state that produces world champions.

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