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Naya Haryana

Wed, 3 March 2021

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Manufacturing to be Increased to Develop Haryana

Manufacturing to be Increased to Develop Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

12th June 2014

Naya Haryana

When a product undergoes the process of production with the help of labourers, tools, machine and other processes, that procedure can be termed as manufacturing. The manufacturing industry in India contributes a larger portion to the economic development of the country. There are several manufacturing units from different industries in the distinctive states of India The state of Haryana also has its contribution in the manufacturing sector of the country. Partially, it also contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. The state's manufacturing sector also contributes to the exports of the state.

The state of Haryana has many manufacturing units in different parts of the city. There are numerous Indian companies which have their manufacturing units in the state. Faridabad is the biggest industrial city in haryana which has many large scale industries. Likewise, Yamuna Nagar is known for Paper Mills and Panipat has textile industries. Bahadurgarh is known for its manufacturing units for glass, steel and tiles. There are small scale and domestic manufacturing units in the state as well. However, it still lacks the manufacturing of international brands and organisations which can raise the economy of the state.

There is a need in Haryana to propagate and increase the manufacturing units in haryana. There is also a need for efforts to be made to attract the international organisations and units to establish their manufacturing units in the state. Also, the existing manufacturing units should be developed to an extent that all the parts required in the production of a commodity should be produced in the state only. For instance, the auto industry in Haryana import some auto parts from abroad which sometimes raises the production cost of the product. The growth in manufacturing should be raised in different sections. As Haryana is rich in agriculture, the production and manufacturing can be increased in the state. There is a need to improve and increase more small scale and large scale industries in the state. More national and international industries should be invited or given the path to open up their manufacturing units in the state.

Increase in manufacturing will not only help the organisations to gain more benefits but will also improve the overall economy of the state. Having more industries will also generate more job opportunities for the workforce of the state. There is an urgent need for development in the state. Manufacturing can give growth to the industrial sector of the economy of the state. As per a report of the Index of Industrial Production (IIP)for manufacturing, there has been an increase in the manufacturing industry in the present years. The general IIP for the year 2010-2011 was 161.5 which has reportedly risen to 179.3 only in 2012-2013. Though, the IIP figures may show that there is an increase in the manufacturing, it also indicates that there has been a decrease in the percentage growth rate year by year. 

The growth in manufacturing should be increased multi fold with every passing year and it should bring in growth and development in the state. Several measures are required to be taken so that the manufacturing sector also grows in the state. The Naya Haryana is a vision of growth for the state. It is a dream where the growth will not be limited to one section or segment only, but will cater to the overall development of the state. It is essential that industrial, agricultural and manufacturing developments, etc. should be done in the state in a right way at the right time to achieve the right goals.


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