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Naya Haryana

Thu, 15 April 2021

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Computer Education in Haryana – Is It Accessible to All?

Computer Education in Haryana – Is It Accessible to All?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

23rd June 2014

Naya Haryana

Computer education means acquiring the knowledge of the concepts and operations related to computers. In India, it has become an important part of the curriculum and similarly, it has been included in the education curriculum in Haryana. But, is the qualitative computer education being imparted to the students of the state?

There are around 2,622 government schools in Haryana with over 10 lakh students. It is essential that computer education should reach all these students. But there are challenges to this. The first challenge is to reach all the schools in the state, especially those in the far flung areas. There are rural areas which do not have adequate power supply, which make the use of computers limited. Secondly, there are computers in some schools, which lack up-gradation of software and need to be updated with current technological advancements. The schools in rural areas lack proper security, therefore, there are chances that many parts of these systems get stolen, making them ineffective for use.

For imparting effective computer education to students, it is necessary that proper aid is available to impart skills and knowledge to them. The biggest problem which has been noted in Haryana is the deficiency of quality teachers who can teach the students. Many positions of such teachers are lying vacant in the education department of the state. Cases have been reported in the state about the complaints from the contractual computer teachers over the low wages paid to them for their services. Such issues also result in lower number of teachers for students. Another problem in this context is, inadequate internet facilities in some regions of the state. In some rural and far flung areas, the internet speed and facilities are not substantial, which come as an obstacle for the students, as they are not able to explore even the prescribed curriculum.

Besides schools, Haryana also need to ensure that a similar knowledge gets imparted in the government departments. The officials should be acquainted with basic know-how of computers, as it will make their jobs more easy and fast. The government schools need to be technically efficient in education, so as to compete with the private schools, who claim and offer online education facilities. Better financial and security assistance are required, so that maximum students could take the benefit of this education and knowledge. A special team could be created, which goes and inspects in several schools about the quality of technical education offered to the students. It is essential that immediate measures should be taken, so that the future generation of Haryana doesn't stay behind. Naya Haryana will be so developed that every child here will be technically sound and will be able to compete with the world.    


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