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Naya Haryana

Mon, 1 March 2021

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City in focus: Bahadurgarh

City in focus: Bahadurgarh, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

20th August 2014

Naya Haryana

Known as the Gateway to Haryana, Bahadurgarh has remained a city of great potential but ignored by the state authorities.

Formerly known as Sharafabad, this town was founded by the Mughal Emperor, Alamgir II, who was the Sultan of Delhi from 1754 to 1759. The Sultan gave away Sharafabad as Jagir to the two Baloch rulers, Bahadur Khan and Tej Khan, who renamed it Bahadurgarh.

Great potential; missed opportunity

Few people know that Bahadurgarh is perhaps the oldest industrial town in the NCR and home to several major industries. Given the fact that there were industries that started a long time ago, one would have expected Bahadurgarh to be a well-developed town by now, with all the basic amenities in place and a thriving residential town growing simultaneously. But this never happened. Towns like Gurgaon and Faridabad have developed much faster with even Sonepat rapidly catching up. It is indeed sad to see Bahadurgarh struggle with poor civic infrastructure and planning.

When the industrial town was initially planned, there should have been a corresponding plan for a residential town, along with a plan to house the labour, many of whom are migrants from other parts of Haryana as also from other states. But Bahadurgarh never catered for labour housing and therefore, we see slums that have come up in various parts of the city have no sewage facility, suffer from water logging during monsoons, which give rise to all kinds of water borne diseases, very poor availability of electricity and very little by way of medical care for industrial workers. In fact, there is no ESI hospital in the area.

Bahadurgarh was always touted as a developed industrial area but the facts on the ground tell a different story. A visit to the Modern Industrial Area will reveal the reality of the situation. The area has poor drainage and water logging during monsoons is a big problem. Most of the interior roads are in poor extremely poor shape. During summers, there is dust all around and in monsoons, it is a nightmare for the factories there.

Besides these problems, the electricity supply has been very erratic forcing factory owners to run their factories on diesel gensets that only pushes up costs, besides increasing pollution. It is a tribute to the existing factory owners that despite all these odds, they have managed to keep their businesses running.

There has been limited growth of job opportunities in the industrial sector. When the Yokohama Tyre factory was announced, it was said that they would employ over 1,500 workers but the actual number employed is a fraction of that. Another problem being faced by factory owners is the lack of adequately trained manpower. Again, this is an area where the district administration should have stepped in to ensure there is adequate number of trained manpower supply available to the units.

On the residential side, the old town is lacking in almost all aspects. Unplanned development, unauthorized construction, poor electricity distribution lines, bad roads, poor street lighting, all add to the suffering that the local residents endure. What could have been a well-planned and vibrant city, is today a city of missed opportunities. All due to poor planning and lack of investment on part of the state government.

New hope

Under Naya Haryana, our vision for Bahadurgarh is to use its location advantage i.e use its advantage of close proximity to Delhi, to attract capital by creating a well-planned and Modern Township, where the quality of living will ensure that there is inward migration of investment into Bahadurgarh, both for further industries, as well as modern residential development.

We have the Delhi Metro line being extended from Mundka to Bahadurgarh that will dramatically improve connectivity with Delhi. This along with forthcoming road projects like the six lane Delhi-Bahadurgarh-Rohtak Highway and the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway, will be a tremendous opportunity to resurrect and revive Bahadurgarh to a modern city that it should have been, in the first place.

The civic infrastructure needs to be completely revamped. The roads from the highway connecting to various parts of the town, need to be revamped, while all interior roads need re-development. Electricity transmission and Distribution needs to be re-looked at, as the HSEB has not been able to meet the local demands efficiently. Developing a modern township without proper drainage, electricity, water and waste disposal system will be a wasted investment. We need to promote the use of solar and wind energy along with water harvesting, by making these mandatory for all future development.

Bahadurgarh needs to have well-equipped schools with well trained teachers. Today, the condition of existing government schools is pathetic and unless the standard of these schools are raised, both Bahadurgarh as a town and Haryana, as a state will lag behind.  

Medical facilities in the city are inadequate. We plan to immediately push for an ESI Hospital in Bahadurgarh. Along with this, modern hospital groups will be invited to invest in Bahadurgarh for setting up state-of-the-art hospitals.

Given the fact that Bahadurgarh is an industrial town, there is a need to for a central exhibition area to showcase the products being produced in Bahadurgarh. Today, outsiders are not aware of what is produced in the state and a facility like this will benefit the SMEs of Bahadurgarh.

Developing modern and smart cities requires vision, planning, political will and finally, administrative ability. The new government at the centre is showing the way by initiating 100 smart cities in India. There is no reason why Bahadurgarh should lag behind. Let us join hands in developing Bahadurgarh as a city where people will forward to live and work.


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