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Naya Haryana

Thu, 28 January 2021

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Booming Cost of Living in Haryana

Booming Cost of Living in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

17th September 2014

Naya Haryana

The rising cost of living is a big concern for developing nations like India. The government's efforts to relieve the people by improving infrastructure and inviting foreign investments in an effort to make living more affordable for the country is yet to pay off dividends. In Haryana, however, the cost of living has soared out of proportion in many parts. In years when the monsoon seems to fail, the income of farmers gets low and food inflation shoots out of hand.

In rural regions the effect of a booming cost of living is disastrous to those who have already been suffering from poverty and are below sustenance levels. The elevated cost of living over the past decade has cost the state quality education, healthcare, and even its natural resources.

Gurgaon is to be considered apart from the rest of the state. Not only is it the costliest city in Haryana, it may also well claim to be the most expensive city in the entire country. The city has seen a real estate boom in recent years and almost all living expenses are skyrocketing. It is also the city where the rich-poor divide is most prominent. With many upscale malls, luxury apartments, and imposing offices, it is not difficult to imagine why a posh city like Gurgaon attracts the richest people from across the country and is out of bounds for the ordinary folks of Haryana.

To curb the booming cost of living in Haryana, the government of Haryana needs to step up subsidy schemes for the basic necessities of living, especially for the 13 lakh families living below poverty line in the state. Corruption and malpractices at the fair-price ration shops must be curbed with strict discipline by the law enforcement teams. One of the biggest benefits that the state administration could offer to people of Haryana is low cost housing. While a number of schemes currently exist, the benefits of these are not available to the common man due to the various financial scams and misdemeanours of the government officials. This needs to be eliminated by means of a targeted audit program.

To tackle the problem of escalating cost of living, the state needs to adopt a two pronged approach  increase the state's income by ushering in technological tools for agricultural development, promoting industrial development, and boosting household industries by tapping into the potential of traditional industries such as dairy farming and livestock farming.


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