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Naya Haryana

Sun, 28 February 2021

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Better Law Institutions are Required to Improve Legal System

Better Law Institutions are Required to Improve Legal System, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

12th June 2014

Naya Haryana

The law serves as a norm of conduct for the citizens of a country and therefore, it is an essential element for any society. The legal system of India works as per the Constitution of India. Being a part of India, Haryana follows the Indian legal system. It is necessary that the law and order in the state should be followed and practiced properly to give equal justice to the natives of the state.

It is necessary to control the rate of crime in the state. But how this can be done? How can justice be done to the society? This can only be done if there exists a proper law and order situation in the state along with the quality legal professionals who can deal with such illegal practices. By legal professionals, we do not mean that there is a need to increase the number of professionals, but it is necessary that we impart quality legal education. Haryana has abundant law colleges which offer legal education. However, there is a need in Haryana to emphasise on the quality of education being offered by its law universities. It is necessary to create a competitive environment, so that only the quality legal education gets imparted to the students. The focus can also be given to the corporate law section of the legal education, as there are many IT and multinational organisations in the state. This may promote job opportunities and help to settle the legal issues related to the corporate sector.

To avail justice for the victims in the state, relevant actions should be undertaken, which will improve the law and order situation in the state. Haryana has several district courts and a High Court where people can seek justice for the injustice done to them. More fast track courts should be established, so that the timely and legitimate justice can be done. There are many legal cases in the state which need immediate action and urgent justice. This can be done in the fast track and special courts which must be set up in the state. As Haryana has a major chunk of rural population living in its villages, the legal or the judicial system followed by the population comes under the Panchayat system. The Panchayats should also follow law and order, adhering to the Constitution of India.

Haryana is a state which dreams of becoming a developed state in the coming future. It should follow the motto of 'Justice Delayed is Justice Denied'. The dream of Naya Haryana that we envision comes as a part of the development that we seek for the state. It is necessary that the law institutions of the state should be effective enough to offer justice to the state and make the dream of Naya Haryana come true.



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