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Naya Haryana

Sat, 24 October 2020

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Better healthcare facilities in Haryana: A need to be fulfilled

Better healthcare facilities in Haryana: A need to be fulfilled, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

9th June 2014

Naya Haryana

A good health is an indicator of prosperity and well being of a person. For any government, at Centre or at state level, maintaining health of its people is one of its prime concerns. To attain this purpose, it launches various schemes and policies to benefit its citizens. However, with the prevalence of communicable diseases, poor health infrastructure and most of the people still finding it difficult to access better and advanced health care facilities, it still remains a challenge for any government to ensure better and affordable health facilities to its citizens.

At state level, the story is no different. Haryana has launched several health-related programmes for its citizens. However, the state still reels under various health issues such as existence of inadequate health infrastructure and poor doctor-to-patient ratio.

Haryana enjoys the status of being one of the wealthiest states of India. However, in terms of sex ratio, female infanticide and income disparity, etc. it is one of the weakest states of India. The state faces tremendous income disparity between its own regions; for instance, Gurgaon's per capita income is around 10 times higher than that of Mahendragarh, one of the most backward districts of Haryana. This gross income disparity between the regions itself shows the uneven distribution of resources between them.

Although the state makes provisions, by launching health-related schemes and building health care infrastructure, to provide better health to its people, there are wide variations in terms of providing equal health care facilities in different regions of the state. This shows that the majority of citizens, which mostly reside in villages, have very limited access to quality healthcare facilities. While, on the other hand, rich people have access to the most advanced health care services and facilities.

Despite the government making health care spending, it remains woefully inadequate, as both poor and rich spend a good portion of their income to avail health care facilities. Continuously rising medical costs is another issue that the state government is required to tackle on an immediate basis. The list of people who get deprived of medical treatments due to their inability to pay for it is fast expanding. They ultimately are left with no choice but to sell off their assets including land, etc. This makes a clear case for enlarging the social security net.

Spending on health infrastructure is also required to be increased in order to tackle this problem. Along with it, the government must try to get the latest in medical advancements enforced as soon as possible. Another thing that it must ensure is to make available the quality manpower to provide health care facilities to its citizens. Arranging quality manpower should not be limited to arranging of quality doctors only; but must also include the arrangement of qualified staff as well, who can assist doctors in successful execution of a treatment. This will also reduce the mismatches between the medical equipments and the qualified and capable staff to use them. Along with all this, the basic problems such as lack of availability of proper number of clean toilets and power shortages problems should also be tackled. For only then the state will feature on health index of the nation.


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