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Naya Haryana

Tue, 27 October 2020

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Better Business for Artisans in Haryana

Better Business for Artisans in Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

10th June 2014

Naya Haryana

Haryana is a rich state in terms of art, craft and culture. The 'art and craft' play a vital role in the development of any state. The state is an inspiration for various artists, who represent values, practices, goals and attitude through their work. These artisans are involved in art and craft such as pottery, embroidery, weaving, paintings and phulkari works, etc. Most of the artisans in Haryana reside in the villages and rural areas of the state. Generally, the male artisans in Haryana are involved in pottery or wooden handicrafts, while the women are more involved in embroidery or phulkari works.

The artisans in Haryana are popular for their handicraft work. The crafts of Haryana are also exported to the various parts of the world. It is important that the artisans of Haryana should be given ample business opportunities to carry forward their art in the world. This will not only help the artisans but will also be advantageous for the growth of the economy of the state. Just offering them with better business opportunities is not the only solution. It is also essential that adequate financial assistance should be given to the artisans, which will help them produce and make their art. Providing them financial support and guidance for expanding their business is essential.

Haryana organises 'Surajkund Mela' in February every year, which provides a platform for business to the artisans. But, it is the only big platform which is available to them. It is necessary that more direct marketing opportunities should be given to the artisans, so that they can improve their marketing skills and also gain knowledge about the customers' choice and demands. For the development of this industry, it is also required that the rural artisans should be provided with short or medium term loans. The artisans have a limited or scarce financial resources and they, at times, are in urgent need of finance to buy the material for their products. It is also important that the artisans should be given adequate aid to showcase their products in the national and international markets. This can be done by giving them an opportunity to showcase their work at different stalls in Melas, which are organised in the other states of the country.

Different regions in Haryana are popular for different types of art. For instance, Panipat is famous for handlooms and Punja durries. Likewise, Mahendragarh is famous for wooden craft and lac bangles. As each region has a specialty in context of its art and crafts form, there is a need to prioritise and focus on the particular area of manufacturing which the region deals in. The government or the related authorities should also establish learning centers or institutions where the aspiring artists or the young generation could learn the specific art. The 'art and craft' of Haryana is a heritage for the state and it is important to retain and expand this art. This industry also occupies a place in the economy, which can also affect the growth and development of the state. The vision of Naya Haryana aims at providing equal opportunities and growth for everyone in the state. The artistry growth can bring better development towards the cumulative and the overall growth of the state.


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