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Naya Haryana

Wed, 22 May 2019

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Balanced Development in the cities of Haryana

Balanced Development in the cities of Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

7th June 2014

Naya Haryana

A planned and an organised development in any region can only succeed if there is an overall balanced development. A state undergoes balanced development only if there is a development in all the spheres and in all of its regions. Haryana, a state in the north India, with 21 districts and many known cities, seeks development in its every part which comes under its boundary. Although, the state is working towards a complete development, still it is not able to succeed in getting the progressive and comprehensive development.

There are only a few cities in Haryana that have witnessed development so far. Gurgaon is one such city which has been developed to an extent. It has seen infrastructural development in the past few decades. Gurgaon has seen infrastructural development as there are 26 shopping malls, seven golf courses and several luxury brand shops in the city. It is not all, Gurgaon is popular for being the IT hub in haryana. the state. Also known as the 'Cyber City', Guragon attracts multinational corporations from across the world. The residential projects which have emerged in Guragon also shed the light of development in the city. Gurgaon has every big and high class facility except for the basic amenities which is a bigger and a serious issue in the city. It lacks the facilities for the sewer or drainage system, adequate power and water supply, well constructed roads and adequate public transport facilities. Garbage heaps on the roadside have always been the major drawback in the city. Therefore, it clearly indicates that there is no balanced development in Gurgaon. The infrastructural development cannot compensate for the lack of required basic amenities.

This situation raises a question that if the so-called developed city lack the basic amenities, then the others which have not been able to get even a little development could not stand anywhere. It is essential that each city should experience growth and development at an equal pace. There are many districts in Haryana which have not witnessed any development so far. The smaller and the backward districts are still untouched in terms of development. Development and fulfillment of the basic amenities is the need of the hour for Haryana. There are still certain social and economic issues which exist in every city of the state. A cumulative effort and development is must in the state which can bring better fruits of success for Haryana.

It is evident that partial development could not lead to success and progress for the state of Haryana. A lot of work and efforts are required to be added to achieve the vision of Naya Haryana. 'Nayi Soch aur Nayi Shakti' together can bring prosperity in the state. But for a successful Haryana, it is essential that the balanced development should be done in every part of the state. After all, it is necessary that the Naya Haryana should not remain a pictorial dream, but should be portrayed in reality too.


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