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Naya Haryana

Thu, 15 April 2021

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Are There Enough Petrol Pumps in Haryana?

Are There Enough Petrol Pumps in Haryana?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

1st July 2014

Naya Haryana

Like any other state, Haryana's rise also depends on the availability of intricate networking and commutation facilities in its regions. One such facility is the sufficient existence of petrol pumps in haryana. Let us ask here, are there enough petrol pumps in Haryana? Do the highways have easy accessibility of petrol pumps along its stretches?

Haryana's geographic extent is relatively small, stretching over 44,212 square kilometers. Compared to states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, a small state like Haryana must be well-knit through proper infrastructure. Highways have been built, but the arrangements and equipments like petrol pumps are missing, making travel a concern among commuters. This absence of petrol pumps is more visible in the rural regions, where a number of villages are deprived of this basic facility of transportation. This problem is especially acute in the cases of long-distance travels, where due to the lack of sufficient petrol pumps along the whole distance, people find it difficult to travel in their private cars. This is worrisome in Haryana, as commutation between the rural and the urban regions is tedious. What is the way out?

The Haryana government must immediately cater to the popular demands of commuters and travellers, by constructing petrol pumps at frequent intervals. This will not only enhance interest of travellers to travel without hassles, but increase trade exchanges between Haryana and other states. Proper commutation facilities for export-import businesses with the state demand that the highways are well equipped with basic amenities like petrol pumps, etc.

One of the other developments needed for more petrol pumps construction is infrastructural facilities like wider, cleaner and well-built roads. This will ensure that the petrol pumps can run effectively, with a larger customer base to cater to, due to equitable accessibility for all.

Petrol pumps construction is also a very significant means of increasing employment in the state. The Haryana government must follow the model of employment in petrol pumps like they are in states of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala and others. This way, this northern Indian state will enhance its employment record in the country.

It must be said here that Haryana must fulfill the needs of its citizens more petrol pumps in haryana is definitely one of the most legitimate demands of the population. Naya Haryana's aim to reach out to all sections of the society, must address this most basic demand of the daily commuters.

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