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Naya Haryana

Wed, 2 December 2020

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Are Natural Resources in Haryana Fast Depleting?

Are Natural Resources in Haryana Fast Depleting?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

17th June 2014

Naya Haryana

The economic foundation of any particular state or country is built upon the availability of its natural resources, or those biodiversity and geodiversity elements found within the natural environment surrounding us. In Haryana, the use of natural resources is dependent on their requirements in the various sectors the industrial belt as well as the agricultural production. Since Haryana has a vast and contrasting economy, with technological advancements on one hand and agrarian improvements on the other, the consumption of natural resources is reaching alarming levels. Depletion of natural resources, that is, the use of resources faster than they can be replenished, is a growing phenomenon within the geographic boundary of Haryana. The question is, how can this be avoided?

The growing population in Haryana is one of the primary factors for excess pressure placed on the natural resources. Global standards of living in Haryana caused due to opportunities that this state presents, have resulted in the fast use of natural resources such as water bodies and forests, etc. Forests are being cut down to build high-rise buildings, thus disturbing the natural balance of the environment. Again, overpopulation and rapid urbanisation in Haryana is the cause of such fast over consumption of water, food and energy. The erosion of the soil due to cutting of trees is another major cause of natural resource depletion. 

At the same time, pollution is another challenge that must be tackled in the state. With the mushrooming of industrial projects throughout the state, the addition of harmful elements in the air and discarding of pollutants in the water by these industries is a cause of great concern. Technological advancements in Haryana come with a price to pay contamination and subsequent depletion of natural resources. Mining for oil and minerals in Haryana must be immediately reduced in order to conserve natural resources.

The state has a huge role to play in reducing the depletion of natural resources. Firstly, awareness among the people must be generated, in order to emphasise sufficiently, the need to conserve natural resources. Importance of conserving the non-renewable natural resources such as oil, minerals and gas, etc. must be made. The residents of Haryana must also be encouraged to replace the use of non-renewable resources with renewable resources like solar energy.

Government initiatives must also address to minimise the growing costs of renewable energy, such that it can be accessed by the growing number of people every day. The rich and the poor must have an equitable accessibility to these resources in order to conserve the environmental balance.

On a final note, the Naya Haryana that we have envisioned must guard against any form of environmental exploitation, which can soon lead to growing danger in the state. An environmental balance must be sought, in order to ensure that the growth and development trajectory of the state continue unhampered. As the citizens of Haryana, each person must consider it to be his or her personal responsibility to play an effective role in protecting the natural resources from becoming extinct from the face of Haryana. Along with the government actions and plans, our role as responsible Haryanvis must ensure that the unwarranted usage of non-renewable natural resources do not create a vacuum in the state.

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