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Naya Haryana

Tue, 26 January 2021

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Are Human Right Norms in Haryana Being Flouted Irrationally?

Are Human Right Norms in Haryana Being Flouted Irrationally?, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

7th July 2014

Naya Haryana

Human rights is a law and protection with glaring code of conducts - sometimes helpful, and sometimes too derogatory, and with double-standard self-contradictory bindings in many cases; it gives the right to life and conflicts itself when the freedom of abortion is given. The constitution and laws are more interceded at the hands of the local rogues and the people of the upper castes in the society. The irony in our country is that if it is litigated, the person automatically loses his/her human rights.

The prominent state invincible in the league of human rights violation is the state of Haryana. Be it the case of Honour killing or female foeticide, gender issues, social status of the women in Haryana, development of adolescent girls or any other such issues which directly or indirectly affect the community at large, the Haryana state has taken a cumulus toll in dejection of human rights from Right to Life to education to the basic fundamental rights.

The Haryana Human Rights Commission receives about 583 complaints in its newly set-up office. It has been inundated with the variety of cases and complaints inclusive of those against the revenue authorities, pension of employees, domestic violence, casteism, matrimonial discords and others. The skewed sex ratio and the toll in the honour killing has forced the officials to seek and accentuate the speed of laws to be implemented in the state to protect the people.

To affirm a decision for the imposition of one's own caste, customs and beliefs took the lives of many. The instance of such brutality is the controversial and an act of vengeance and murder, where the two lovers Manoj and Babli lost their lives at the hand of their own kins and bloods for a system of traditional matchmaking followed in Haryana and also in the Hindu marriage system. Later, no police record or FIR was made to address such act of animosity and injustice and yet it is awaited.

Some seniors believe that the government should amend the Marriage Act within the same Gotra, the youth should understand the customs and traditions and avoid following the western culture. They hold the Indian laws unaccomodative towards Indian culture and responsible for the honour killing.

Human rights require a high degree of individualization in each person and a rational outlook and equal stature for all in the society. However, the survival of the tenaciously outmoded patriarchal institutions and the governing casteism even in today's mistaken modernity is the seed to every weed coming out of it. The ultimate hold of corruption in veins and tenacity to judge it correct leads to every new Babli and Manoj. It proves the fact that Haryana human rights are just the protecting law of a few stakeholders in the society and its people are not being taken care of, which is irrevocable. Naya Haryana will strive to bring in a more balanced, middle-of-the-path peaceful approach, which will try and accomodate both factions on the same page.


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