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Naya Haryana

Thu, 15 April 2021

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Acid Attacks on Women – A Scar on Haryana

Acid Attacks on Women – A Scar on Haryana, naya haryana, नया हरियाणा

5th July 2014

Naya Haryana

Acid has become a new weapon for the criminals in Haryana to commit crime against women. With a skewed sex ratio and high rate of female foeticide, the state also witnesses frequent acid attacks on women. There has been a rise in such crimes against women in the state.

What is the reason behind such attacks? Who are the accused who commit these crimes? As per sources, these brutal attacks are generally committed to take revenge from girls who ignore the accused in some form. According to the police officials, most of these cases have occurred on women who had rejected the proposals for marriage or friendship by the accused. In maximum cases the accused are known to these women or are hired by a person known to the victim.

Many cases have been reported in the state where young women are made victims to this heinous crime. There have been cases where women are attacked on roads, in public places and even at their own homes. Why such crimes are increasing in the state? Patriarchy being followed at the top here; biasness towards females might be the driving force behind such extreme steps. Also, factors such as mental sickness, psycho-social elements like negative feelings and peer pressure could contribute to such crimes. The society in Haryana seeks a change in the vision towards womanhood. Upbringing and family values towards respecting women can bring a change in the mindset of the males. Education should be imparted and awareness must be spread about the ill effects of acid attacks on a woman's life.

Stricter laws should be imposed and severe punishment should be given to the accused. This crime should be declared as a non-bailable offence and immediate actions should be taken against the culprits when such cases are reported. The state must give due attention to these attacks and strengthen the laws, so as to protect the women. Another important step which is required to stop this flagitious crime is to put a stop on the sale of acids in the open markets. An acid bottle is sold in Haryana for as low as Rs. 30 per litre. A check over the sale of this compound is necessary. The sellers should be issued a licence, and they should keep a record of the quantity sold and the buyer's contact details. This will help in keeping a track of the buyers if such cases are reported.

It is also required to revive the life of the victims of such attacks. These attacks not only harm the body of the victims, but also harm and affect their dreams and inner conscience. Immediate and necessary medical treatment and monetary compensation should be granted to them, so that they can carry on with their normal lives. The state government should make some efforts to offer a platform to them such as providing job opportunities, and training and education programmes. Haryana should be made a state where not only women are respected, but also where such crimes remain absent.

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